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Oxford Circus, Moscow

              Nathalie @ Aquarelle (Russia) Had no clue Oxford Circus was now in Moscow. Quite kidding but quite serious as well. Creativity finally hit the Russian capital and seems to grow and grow again out there. Same in a couple more east-european countries, talented young photographers start to emerge and help local agencies build powerful portfolios before sending their young ladies abroad. Latest one we had the opportunity to discovered is called Roma Milova who works in Moscow and did a... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Anne

  Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Germany) We had a few problems with our server (even with the very best of the world, these things happen somtimes) but we're back full force now. With Anne, from Modelwerk to City Models in Paris. Modelwerk is building an empire, City is shining again and the sky is bluer than blue. It's quite a lovely day in the end. Introduced yesterday on Modelwerk's blog as simply stunning we can only share this feeling. We had the opportunity to meet with Anne in April during our trip in Hamburg, last April.... [Lire la suite]
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