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One of the very best surprises of the week, from the cover to the so-far-discovered contents. For the record, the covergirl is Charlize Theron by Josh Olins and is worth a look, almost deserved a feature here if we had to see more of the main editorial – reminding us she is still the performer we love, as she was in Monster, the movie we still play some days at night (yeah, pun). Enough with Charlize and Josh, let's focus on Imaan (Hammam) and/by Daniel (Jackson), an editorial story (for WSJ) called Spring Fashion's New... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Brittany in Teen Vogue

    Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY) It's been a little while since Elite NY introduced us Brittany McPhee, as the latest wunderkind from Pulse Mgmt. End of last Summer, exactly. Tiny, tiny and full of energy, Brittany arrived in the business as a potential editorial-girl in the making with her laid-back attitude and natural poise on her first polaroids from New York. And guess what, she just landed a spread in Teen Vogue's most recent issue confirming what seemed almost obvious on day one. In a mix of futuristic inspirations,... [Lire la suite]
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Alexina, Also Known As...

Alexina Graham @ Ford (NY) We were just talking about Teen Vogue and its place in the process, its unique role for great girls in making. If nothing is never granted, taking as many guarantees as possible makes a career a bit safer. And spicier. Fashion is all about oxymorons, modeling is an oxymoron per se and we're getting oxymoronic this evening. Back to the topic and back on tracks, we'll focus on Alexina Graham now. Sharing the spotlights with another favorite of ours, Jeneil Williams from New York Models and DNA's rising... [Lire la suite]
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