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Dear Dishevelled

        Katlin Aas @ EMA (Estonia), Marilyn (NY, Paris), Tess (London), Women (Milan) Dear Dishevelled Beautiful Girl on the silky paper of Dansk Magazine, we miss you a lot this season. Miss your look and your attitude on the catwalk. Miss your unusually beautiful features and unique face shape (and ears). Miss your crow-black hair and pale skin. But we're so happy to see you in Dansk, shot by Scott Trindle and styled by John McCarty. We will always remember you after Miu Miu near the métro station close to the... [Lire la suite]
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Speak out, don't talk about

    Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We didn't know flowers could blossom on macadam. Didn't know but had to admit it as the new truth and to forget about the old one and any kind of common (non)sense. Always thought this (fashion) world is strange but has never looked as strange as today. As right now. A matter of timing, of the way news started to pile up all day endlessly and randomly. Started right, though. Started with two pictures of Nancy Williams, 5'9 (176), FM Agency and cool flashy hair/pale skin combo. Gazing in the... [Lire la suite]
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