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Double delight and double drama for a double dose of Dasha

Dasha Malygina @ Supreme (NY) It's in Flair's Americana issue, two editorials with Dasha Malygina, one by Dan Martensen and the other by Beau Grealy. Variations around a theme, two visions and one Dasha who perfectly fits. Who melts into then strengthen her presence. Halfway between the role and her own role (read: the one she plays on polas at least), halfway between a dark Dasha and an anonymous american woman. Presence and performance: quiet passenger or dizzy doll. American ballet, Russian dancer, Italian magazine. Sounds... [Lire la suite]
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Super Dasha and her Superpants

    Dasha Malygina @ Supreme (NY) We've been a little saddened not to have anything to write on Dasha since her editorial in Citizen K but, honestly, it was worth to wait all this time. New polaroids are actually digitals and it's usually quite a dilemma between the new possibilities of digital photography and our neverending love for good-old polas. Dasha's killing the doubts, she would look good on any picture, no matter the camera, the light, the place. The darkest brows ever to walk on a runway are back on tracks,... [Lire la suite]
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Dasha Malygina @ Uno (Barcelona) A singer in a smoky room, smelling wine and cheap perfume... There's no real reason to that but Dasha always reminds us of some lyrics, various lyrics. Soundtacks and movie scenes. From Le plus beau du quartier to the streetlight people stories in Don't stop believing, performed by Journey. Malygina is like the unfinished melody of the fashion world. Easy come, easy go. From Mixte to Miu Miu then back in Amica. From Vogue Russia to Leroy then... who knows. Is there a suitable ending ? Maybe not.... [Lire la suite]
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