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Droplets of Perfection

We are always bloody subjective when we open our eyes and grab the pen, you know we are, and from the bottom of our subjective hearts, we may have to send thanks or chocolates to Dazed & Confused for the moment of perfection. We may have to praise Viviane Sassen's work again too for revealing Yasmin Wijnaldum's full power to our eyes. And, while many of Wijnaldum's previous photographs ticked all the boxes to be called still lives, this cover and edit combo is full of emotion and captivating, not just for the brilliant use of... [Lire la suite]
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Taste The Difference

  Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris & Milan), FM (London) We know it's a pretty subjective notion and everyone may have his own point but let's leave aside the old syrupy melody of beauty being in the eye of the beholder (broken record somehow, isn't it?). Let's focus on the obvious and forget about the obnoxious politiquement correct as it's quite rare and happened twice in two different situations: Aymeline Valade outperforming her partners in editorials. Strictly speaking, full stop. Or to say it in a more... [Lire la suite]

This Ain't No Technological Breakdown, This Is The Road [...]

  Pauline @ Marilyn (NY) It was quite a hard task to find an editorial topic for the end of this week. Not that the materials were lacking, many things to put our eys on (then off) but was never easy to pick some visuals that go hand in hand with our current inspirations or states of mind. So, had to check and double-check, take ideas where we found them and adapt them to the current editorial pages we found interesting enough to show right now. And it's definitely the last part of the sentence that make sense. Everything (or... [Lire la suite]

Urban Dreams

  Ali Carr, Lauren Brown, Lia Serge, Emily Wake and Lisanne De Jong @ Elite (NY) Alley Cats or Cats' Alley? Hard to know how the actual title of this editorial from newest Dazed & Confused sounds better. Or more appropriate. What is the most important detail: how these girls melt into the beautiful rainy urban landscape or how their presence turns a familiar-looking place into some unknown wonderland. The real magic might be in between, in the interaction between the characters and the atmosphere they evolve in. In... [Lire la suite]


            Valerija Kelava @ Next and Jenny Sinkaberg @ IMG Two more girls we mentioned recently, two girls who were actually the most striking newcomers we've met during the shows in Paris. Valerija Kelava, Next's wildcard of the season and Jenny Sinkaberg, a different kind of blonde from IMG. Unique beauties seem to have a bright future on glossy paper, beginning with Dazed & Confused, December issue (by Kacper Kasprzyk, styled by Mattias Karlsson). Network girls as well, as both are... [Lire la suite]

Far right when you enter the yard

Myf Shepherd @ Next Paradoxes make fashion and fashion creates paradoxes just to break them better. Grandiloquence might be the biggest or at least a very common one. Talking about art is nothing pretentious, talking about romanticism has nothing dull, nothing is never overdone. Truth is always far away but better try to get closer. Working on two different  topics at the same moment definitely helps as much as dizziness from yesterday's birthday party helped to have clearer ideas. That's another paradox, another couple of... [Lire la suite]
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Saturday is Lakshmi day

Lakshmi Menon @ Ford (NY), Nathalie (Paris), d'management (Milan), Storm (London) Went to our usual bookshop and found many marvels. But not Dazed & Confused. Went to the train station by chance and saw it by chance. Here she goes again by Josh Olins (styled by Nichola Formichetti), Lakshmi who's on the cover has her editorial.  Colorful backgrounds plus Lakshmi Menon’s beauty is a must see and too many pictures could have killed the thrill. It’s just so precious the way it is and both photographer Josh Olins and stylist... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 8: Nimue

  Nimue Smit @ Code (Amsterdam), Women (NY), Women (Milan), Women (Paris) After Selina yesterday, Nimue is another of our TMSRRE girls from last season to get another review this time. From Prada and Miu Miu to a whole season, backpacked with some fanstastic editorials, Nimue is on the road again. And, as precious girls need precious bookings, her list in New York includes Hervé Léger, Jonathan Saunders, Donna Karan, Rodarte, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti, Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang, Zac Posen and last... [Lire la suite]
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Dazed etc.

Katrin Thormann @ Seeds (Germany), Premier (London), Women (Milan) We're all dazed and all confused. We're all in love with Katrin Thormann. Crazy about dark lipstick and fake ears, about cheekbones and strawberry-blond beauty, about writings on the wall and gimmicky titles. We just couldn't agree more with the title of that mail freshly arrived in our box: A star is born. Champagne rosé tonight. Cheers.
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The colour we're dreaming of

Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY, Paris & Milan), Storm (London) Where was she in the middle of the fashion week in Paris ? Keep your imagination running wild and think of a shooting. Was for Dazed & Confused, by Matt Irwin and styled by Katie Shillingford. We couldn't have guessed it would be plenty of animal prints with flamingos à gogo. The only thing we were already sure is that it was going to be another pure Viktoriya moment. With her unique expressions and her playful, natural way to bring some movement even in... [Lire la suite]