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Three, two, ONE, fire.

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) and Amanda Laine (DNA) A few days to countdown but what countdown exactly ? Fashion week in New York or Vogue Italia in our favorite bookstore ? Both. But we still don't know which one we're waiting for (eagerly). Show packages we've seen so far have what it takes to get us enthusiastic about the newbies in town and first editorial preview of Vogue is pretty thrilling too (Jamie on the cover plus the story above, by Greg Lotus). Debora Muller is taking part of both, strengthening her editorial... [Lire la suite]
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Ones in a Million

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) The Lil'Ones are back! And truth is that these Lil'Ones are actually tall Ones. Debora peaks at 5'10"5 and Sydney does even better at 5'11. Endless silhouettes, unique faces. Perfect combo ? Not only. Debora Muller rocked last season with A-level runways from day one till the end of shows then strengthened her editorial appeal (and roster). Whoever wanted to bury One Management a few seasons ago was obviously wrong. No funerals in Fall 2010 and we love phoenix-agencies. Back in time, stronger than... [Lire la suite]
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We saw her Face on our Laptop's Screen

Debora Muller @ One (NY) Some days we have to request the girls we'd like to feature and some nights the right models pop up like angels. It takes a camera and a stop at the agency or the studio to enhance a book for them, no rush but the pace speeds up naturally. Last time we featured Debora was when her latest pola sheet from One was released, next time might be next week. Now it's all about the moment, the instant feeling. In the vein of dramatic girls who wanna have fun, Debora gave all she's got to über-talented,... [Lire la suite]
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She's Back (In Town/On Tracks)

Debora Muller @ One (NY) One was the first agency to lay the cards on the table and show both the expected assets and surprising wildcards. Among the second ones, you'll find no other than Debora Muller, the other Brazilian currently setting new standards at One. Coming from Way Models, Sao Paulo and writing her story her own way of course, Debora mixes a graceful silhouette with playful yet delicate poses with much talent and precision. Building her portfolio like a true piece of art. It's opening time right now - too early to... [Lire la suite]
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