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Dance and Dedication

  Natasha Belobrovik @ Elite (Paris), Ford (NY) and Alice Fadeeva @ Next (Paris) Two FDIB-favorites in one of our beloved french magazine ? This is what we got two days ago during our weekly bookshop-trip. Previous issue of Dedicate offered us an overview of some new faces in Paris (including our Polish lovelies Kinga Lukomska and Malgosia Baclawska) through the eye of photographer Alexandre Brunet. The new one keeps the same level of excitement with a very special combo: Natasha Belobrovik and Alice Fadeeva. Both girls... [Lire la suite]
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            Margo Bushueva @ Ford (Paris) Photographers' way to describe the models they worked with is always interesting and inspiring. What do they think and why do they like a girl more than the previous one, what makes her suddenly a better model and who do they want to shoot with next time. We featured Alexandre Brunet's story published in Dedicate a few weeks ago, including a few pictures of his favorite - Stella Maxwell. Time went by and time brought him another favorite in front of his camera:... [Lire la suite]
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Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

    Stella Maxwell @ Viva (Paris) You might be used to our features on Amica's Casting series but now we're all about Dedicate's story dedicated to fresh faces in Paris shot by Alexandre Brunet, a photographer we discovered during fashion week. We loved his work, his vision, goals and, more than anything else, the way he talks about his favorite models. A new way to see models as muses from Freja Beha Erichsen who might have played a serious role in building his aesthetic and training his eye to Stella Maxwell just... [Lire la suite]

Ravishing, Rastonishing, Rastovic

Aleksandra Rastovic @ Viva (Paris) She was our TMSRRE girl number twenty nine after having such a great season in Paris, leaving us with some unforgettable runway moments from Yves Saint Laurent to Issey Miyake including Dries Van Noten. You will never overlook her in backstages with her 5'11 silhouette, strong yet delicate gaze and expressions, iconic hairdo etc. Unique and out of the blue, exploring some sides of beauty that remained out of the beaten tracks until she hit paris again, last March. Everytime we can update on her... [Lire la suite]
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