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Wanted: Kirsti

      Kirsti Vill @ EMA (Estonia) She came to us within the same package as Marilin and Brit, two others promising young ladies from EMA in Estonia but we thought it was better to wait a little longer for Kirsti. Seems we weren't that wrong as she's now ready to go to Tokyo with Donna Models while she added a few more centimeters to reach 173. Still smaller than the average model but such an unusual face, fresh look and, after all, young age were also to things to keep in mind. Delicate features yet already... [Lire la suite]
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Hundred percent

    Loora Salurand @ Top Models (Estonia) Happy Modays with streams of coffee. The very best way to start a week. And a month actually. We won't have time to watch the days go by as new faces keep coming from everywhere in the world and we stay excited by the invasion. Spanish magazine NEO2 is quite specialized in introducing newbies with our perennial favorite feature from it: Model Talking. Talking in the July-August issue is Loora, Estonian 17-years-old from Top Models in Tallinn (but scouted in Tartu) and sigend with... [Lire la suite]
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