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TMSRRE part 18: Egle

  Egle Tvirbutaite @ Elite (NY), Next (Paris, Milan), Elite (London) Times are hard and we are running... feeling strange - overwhelmed by the schedule, underwhelmed by the castings so far. Most of them. There was enough room for surprises but clearly no surprises is high enough to give us goosebumps. Nothing shocking enough to bring back the thrill we felt during many other seasons. Transition ? Might be. Could be. Should be. And we want it to be a sort of transition. When forces are moving, you can feel the motions yet... [Lire la suite]
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Drive us nuts !

Egle Tvirbutaite @ Major (Paris) The squirrel is not the only to drive us nuts here. Even we adore squirrels. Egle at her very best in the new Citizen K by Gregory Derkenne. Driving us crazy. Crazy. We'll have to end this post here, we're in a big rush but the five ones are enough and the title tells our state of mind right now. Crazy. Back tomorrow.
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