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Extended Elitism Expands

Louise Maselis @ Elite (Paris) An elitist management company relying on both an extended network in Europe and the high workability of several alliances with agencies overseas ? It sounds a bit too much to hear and a slightly idyllic portrait of Elite Paris. But truth is they are impressive on very different aspects that propel them to a very special status. As a part of the Elite network they have access to the powerful scouting, the annual model contest and strong partners in Milan and London. As an efficient agency keeping... [Lire la suite]

Development diaries: Elena and Manuela

            Elena and Manuela Lazic @ Elite (Paris) Development. Here we go again. Our usual and neverending topic. Our favorite. And today's piece is about the twins at Elite Paris. The mysterious twins. Elena and Manuela. So strong together. They're French and you couldn't guess it. As for many french models. That's maybe the magic of models from this kind of countries, France, Brazil, Argentina or Canada. You've got names, you've got faces, you can't expect where they come from and where are their... [Lire la suite]
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