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Slow Motion Towards The Exit

Elisa @ ICE² (Milan) We might be the last two romantic minds in this business or the only ones we know right now using their keyboard to discuss such issues. Tired of reading about "potential" all the time. Potential, what does it mean exactly? Why so much overconfidence and a total lack of confidence mixed in the same word, the same judgement, why does this word sound like the promise nothing will ever happen? New faces with potential have been appearing in front of us, sometimes even walking next to us and then went away without... [Lire la suite]
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Portraits & Promises

    Elisa @ SPS (The Netherlands) Talking about "model countries" five minutes ago writing on a german girl, here are two from the Netherlands, a country that has been labeled "the new model eldorado" by many over the last few seasons. But keeping our point of the previous article, it's more a matter of strategy, philosophy or policy or call it how you want but it's up to the agencies first. Scouting skills and devoted development have more weight than geography even if it always sounds fancy to say one place is the next... [Lire la suite]
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