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I Don't Give A Shit (But Still Have Dreams)

          Shelbie @ Elite (NY) Tattoos and balloons and dreams, could stop here. Not going to the tattoo-shop next door though, brown marker does it better here and allows us to change moods whe need though ours keeps being the same for weeks or months. But for Shelbie it's certainly more interesting to keep the one she has on her wrist in order to hold on tight to her dreams about New York City, where she is now with Elite and recently arrived from Michigan. Bright blue gaze and casual clothing made us, and... [Lire la suite]
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So To Speak

        Kate King @ Elite (NY) That's probably the best feeling of the day. When quality of test shots is able to echo the vibe of the latest few good editorials we've seen. When you can smell the inspiration behind a few black and white pictures and guess the real will to step away (forward) from the classical test shooting excercise. Also when the one who holds the camera dares to present the one who poses, moves and acts on the other side in a different way from what is usually expected. We already felt this... [Lire la suite]
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Working is Celebrating

    Elin Lindskog @ Elite (NY) There is this regular slope leading people involved in fashion medias to relate what they consider as the major facts of the year when this one comes to an end. We're not going to tell you we haven't thought of it ourselves, we would be terrible liars if we did, but after a short time and a couple of thoughts we didn't clearly see any real purpose in doing another review of the year. It's all subjective and each one will be different, but the fashion world doesn't need another version... [Lire la suite]
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Fever vs. Frenzy

Fashion week is going its way and the first interesting facts are there now. Still a bit too early to think of a review (or a no-review) but we do really think a few models we spotted these days are worth some kind of report. Not really focusing on shows only and it's often good to keep one of your eyes away from the runway when everything is happening. Leaving all options open because in two weeks then in three weeks everything can be different. You never know at this stage and all we feel allowed to tell for the moment is who we... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Elite NY's Models of the Day

Here we go again. Elite NY did it last season and does it again, daily blog features on their new models in town and these 'Models of the Day' caught our attention this time too. Simple polaroid-sheets that say more than long texts or sophisticated editorial outtakes, simple as a light-speed introduction which is probably the only way an agent can talk about his models during fashion week frenzy. Just a post and a few works like... well, the model's name, her favorite designer and music brand. Short statements and loads of visual... [Lire la suite]
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The Perfect Palette

Laura McCone @ Elite (NY) We could have called our entry Out of the Blue, the trick would be perfect but we thought nothing would be true in that title and it wouldn't reflect our thoughts on these new works of Jonathan Leder. Neither him (a regularly featured photographer and an all-time favorite) nor Laura McCone (still new but hard not to notice her) are literally coming out of the blue for us. And that wouldn't fit our theme either as our focus is somewhere else than (re-)creating some shock of the new or whatever it is called.... [Lire la suite]
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Urban Dreams

  Ali Carr, Lauren Brown, Lia Serge, Emily Wake and Lisanne De Jong @ Elite (NY) Alley Cats or Cats' Alley? Hard to know how the actual title of this editorial from newest Dazed & Confused sounds better. Or more appropriate. What is the most important detail: how these girls melt into the beautiful rainy urban landscape or how their presence turns a familiar-looking place into some unknown wonderland. The real magic might be in between, in the interaction between the characters and the atmosphere they evolve in. In... [Lire la suite]

Woke Up Feeling Bloody Good

        Emily Wake @ Elite (Paris), Elite (NY) The title is a kind of pun, easy and the most refined trick we've ever used but behind the playful wording was an authentic feeling. No, we didn't wake up this morning feeling that good, rather tired if you ask and would love to know why. But the good thing about today is the good feeling towards Emily Wake. Hence the quirky title. Let's be honest, she wasn't our favorite from the package (Fall Winter 2010-2011 for that matter) and didn't really know how to consider... [Lire la suite]

Situations Like These

      Cassi Lee @ Elite (NY) Stuck in America! And not for no good reason, and nothing was planned. We rely a lot on agencies' latest materials and photographers' inspirations then on our own eyes and taste, and our posts are just the results of all these parameters put together. Next one on our list this week comes from Chicago and appears to be another of Pulse Management's fabulous finds freshly arrived at Elite in New York. Cassi Lee or the epitome of the editorial girl among the new wave of classy/classical... [Lire la suite]
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Hazel Eyes

      Amanda Chamberlain @ Elite (NY) We could do one per week, one Elite/Pulse-girl by Jonathan Leder. Last week we had the lovely Brittany McPhee, this one it's Amanda's turn. Totally different look, totally different vibe even when pictured by the same photographer using the same polaroid technique, the same aesthetic. That might be the magic of Jonathan's work as well, being able to draw a different portrait each time and the fact he uses the same camera and same style makes it even more obvious. Might also be the... [Lire la suite]
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