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Numéro girl Number five

Ali Stephens @ Elite (NY), Marilyn (Paris) Back to the expressive Ali, the one we love and who doesn't need to try hard to bring feelings to a picture. The right touch, the right gaze, the right pose. The magical Ali. We'll never have enough ink to write everything about this and the two only-lonely pictures of the editorial might actually be enough to get what we mean. And also enough to forget how she put her heart and soul in a story she probably weren't made for while she's effortlessly striking in these two black and white... [Lire la suite]
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The touch of pink that makes us think...

Emma Beam @ Elite (NY) Sometimes showcards helps you to discover or re-discover some models. We were already aware of Emma Beam's potential a few times before but the kick came with her showcard. It's called "growing on us". Then came one pola and then we wanted to see more. We were sure the more we see, the more we'll love her yet the touch of pink is simply heartbreaking. The touch of styling that points out the right silhouette - 5'11 - to go hand in hand with a striking, half cute half fierce, face. Plus her name.... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Natasha !

Natasha Gumieniuk @ Elite (NY) Find a title is sometimes easy, sometimes much harder. For various reasons. Too much ideas and not the good one. That's how we went to "Meet Natasha !" as we thought, after all, it's still time to "meet" her. She's just beginning in NY and learning incredibly fast. Light speed catwalk studies and 5'11 are the most helpful things for a new girl in town and her very expressive face might be her best friend. And best weapon. Of course, this four digitals (we love digis from Elite... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Charlotte !

Charlotte O'Donnell @ Elite (NY) The pigeons are singing the same old songs on this sunday morning. Sorry, afternoon. Summer is stuttering again its uncertain weather on another grey day of this july. We're all about countdowns, waiting for many ones. Maybe this is the only time a year we wish time went faster. Summer is too quiet, days are too slow, people are happy or try to look happy. You have too, it's july. We don't know. It's sunday. It's a little unusual to sleep twelve hours in a row, makes this day start in a pretty... [Lire la suite]
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Fragile frimousse

Laura Halm @ Elite (NY) Laura's appeal is somewhere between some cartoonesque features and an overall look that remains almost poised and closer to some more classic paintings. Halfway. The only obvious thing is she's more artistic than aristocratic and whatever the century or decade, she might be (and would have been) an inspiration for any kind of aesthetes. The combination of a sleek, thin and very definite jawline adding some extra sharpness to one of the most refined face of the moment and some unexpectedly cute ears, of... [Lire la suite]
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Stay tuned...

Alice Burdeu @ Elite (NY) Stay tuned... Alice is coming ! Tomorrow. As the first piece of our next REDHEAD ISSUE. Redhead love continues in f/w 08-09. Over and over again. Without end.
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