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A Matter of Labels

Delphie What do you do when you have five minutes free while working on a Sunday ? Go to the bookshop at the train station and check out what new magazines they have in store. And as far as we remember, only French Elle and a couple more french glossies with no guarantee to find a nice one. Though, this week's Elle was pretty interesting (visually, as we haven't read one word yet). Most interesting part was probably their "new faces" topic, called "future top models". A bit awkward, of course, but always raising some interesting... [Lire la suite]

Relax, Baby, Everything will turn out fine...

    Shall we call it a soft comeback or simply admit that modelling careers are going high then low, easy come-easy go, these days ? We'd go for the second option without hesitating. Things aren't as linear as they could seem before, careers are getting more complicated to follow and almost every single model has to choose between her work and school duties at least two times a year. When you put all these criterias together, it becomes impossible to judge if a girl is really on the right slope or not. You can take a deep... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 18: Egle

  Egle Tvirbutaite @ Elite (NY), Next (Paris, Milan), Elite (London) Times are hard and we are running... feeling strange - overwhelmed by the schedule, underwhelmed by the castings so far. Most of them. There was enough room for surprises but clearly no surprises is high enough to give us goosebumps. Nothing shocking enough to bring back the thrill we felt during many other seasons. Transition ? Might be. Could be. Should be. And we want it to be a sort of transition. When forces are moving, you can feel the motions yet... [Lire la suite]
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Saturday, Saturnight

Giedre Dukauskaite @ PMST Some people see Saturday as the epitome of a random shopping day, some people see it as an afternoon dedicated to cleaning their mind of its bad feelings and many others are just waiting for the night to fall, Saturday being only Saturnight. For us, it's only the day when French Elle is released and that's quite enough after all. We don't shop till we drop and we hardly party. So, apart from relaxing, we spent it next to the scanner or catching up with all we didn't have time for during the rest... [Lire la suite]
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C'est Moi qui l'ai Fait

Laragh McCann @ Ford (Paris) Laragh McCann or the unique ability to be where you don't expect her. Laragh McCann or the delightful surprise everytime she appears somewhere. Laragh McCann and her face, her faces, her features. She's been there for seasons now and still manages to keep the mystery alive. And the mysterious appeal works, works well. When you think she's not there, she suddenly book Balenciaga in Paris. When you haven't seen her for months she's suddenly in a brand new editorial. Once again we didn't see this new... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

I was thinking last time I did a press review that it would be the last of this year. Well, I wasn't expecting some new mags to come out over and over again but that's the way it goes and we never know what's going to happen tomorrow.Things are going well for Erin Heatherton in Italy, after her Vogue beauty editorial she strikes back on the cover of Velvet and, I don't know why, things should go on this way for her.   Toni Garrn in Italian Marie-Claire, courtesy of Joy Models Other news from Italia include the newest... [Lire la suite]