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Cast Your Spell Over Us

Is that an apple or a flower? It's magic and she could really be an enchantress, a wizard at modeling. And the wizardry continues below as well, while you'll need no little yellow pill to feel dazzled. It takes more than a perfect face, it is more than your few nice days (at the top), it is more than we'll ever know – we mean beauty. We're aware we may have said it, told it, explained it, every possible way already but these are the words bubbling in our minds everytime our eyes fall in love (like for the very first time) with... [Lire la suite]
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Martina's Masterpiece

  Martina Correa @ New York Models (NY) The whole issue is awesome (the price gets lower, the contents get more expensive) but if we have to be completely honest, we bought it only for Martina Correa. Huge all-time favorite of ours and one of the most talented model of her generation, one of the most unique-looking as well, we were waiting for this moment for a little while already. We heard of something going on with her yet it remained uncertain until we had the magazine in our hands. See the UK Elle fonts, the editorial... [Lire la suite]
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The bottle of the genius was full of good wine getting better each season

  Masha Tylena @ Storm (London) Instead of a top ten we have eight pictures of Masha from newest issue of Crash. We haven't seen her walking in the streets of the City of Lights but her editorial was one of the first thing we saw at the bookshop. A random glance and it stood out. Innocence but not only. Masha learnt how to blossom and let express the best of her potential. It took her a little while to give hundred percent of it in her editorial and we had to wait until the hype surrounding her went to down. Call it... [Lire la suite]
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Only with Masha (without her we would cry)

  Masha Tyelna @ Storm (London) Here we go again with the missing part of her story in current issue of Elle UK. We introduced it a few times ago and the seven extra pictures are coming just in time with her showcard for London. Models history is funny sometimes as we featured Masha and Meghan exactly the same day. They're miles away from each other but once upon a time they were together on some H&M ad campaign, they were both the controversial newcomers bringing a fresh vibe on the fashion scene. It's not that... [Lire la suite]
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