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Unexplored Territories

        Meagan @ Zodiac Management (USA) The lack of updates on our main page these days could be easily explained but we believe a touch of mystery doesn't hurt here. So, our little come back starts with a young lady (and the words were carefully chosen for a fan of french queen Marie Antoinette) from Florida, coming from a new boutique mother agency: Zodiac Management. These are the pure facts besides the pictures, now let's have a look at who is behind the visuals and how they managed to enhance the concept,... [Lire la suite]
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Optically Optimal

        Nastasia Ohl @ Next (NY) Long time no words on Nastasia Ohl, too long and enough silence. Were thinking of a new feature on her quite often, were waiting for the opportunity. It might be always like this, after all, always waiting for the right materials to pop up or even looking for them in a relentless quest. Hunting pictures, quite a beautiful way to spend weekends -- not to mention it does actually have some relaxing aspects as well, training your eye without working for real. Amazing, isn't it ? Not... [Lire la suite]
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