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Born to be Alive

          Emma Karlsson @ IMG (Paris) No, she's not working on Tim Burton's future movie and it hasn't been shot on a set. Was backstage at Lie Sang Bong as Emma Karlsson is a big favorite of Sascha Lilic and the designer himself, gracing his runway season after season with her unique impish and playful look (also marvelous closing Tao, gorgeous at Manish Arora and Tim Hamilton). Another kind of elegance you wouldn't expect at first look. If she's not working with Burton, she has already successfully worked... [Lire la suite]
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Eight Karlssonesque Pages and the Karlssonmania goes on

  Emma Karlsson @ IMG Sounds like the Karlssonmania is going on (and wild) here. And not only on this page, magazines and photographers love her too. We already talked about Jessie Craig who considers her almost like a muse and featured her spread from NEO2. This time, it's in freshly-released September issue of Biba that you can find Emma Karlsson shot by Taka Mayumi. Some of you might think it's just Biba and not Vogue but we keep our trust in the magazine who's always ahead of the game in France for fashion stories using... [Lire la suite]
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These Little Hands on That Cigarette

      Emma Karlsson @ Uno (Barcelona) We featured Emma (also with IMG worldwide) as one of Paris-based photographer Jessie Craig's muses and here she comes again, this time in Spanish magazine NEO2. We've been missing the magazine who hadn't hit our favorite bookstores for too long, sadness at its highest when we couldn't buy this issue featuring Olga Syerbina on the cover. Though, stop crying and chasing tears from our cheeks, Emma arrived safe and sound in our hands and we're quite glad to have our copy.... [Lire la suite]
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Unbreakable fragile little genius

        Emma Karlsson @ IMG (Paris) Cute, we said cute and Emma Karlsson is quite cute as well. Not just cute, though. You might already know it but we can't get enough of her work and we bet we're not the only one. Her most recent pieces include a complete story for Hong Kong magazine Milk X Monthly, shot by Jessie Craig. The photographer, who counts now among our biggest favorites, just couldn't stop telling us how Emma is professional and creative. We already had some opportunities to check out her... [Lire la suite]
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From where we're sitting she doesn't need to change anything

Emma Karlsson @ IMG (London) The title of this editorial in Material Girl clearly claims that Emma likes to be someone else. From where we're sitting she doesn't need to change anything, she doesn't need to be someone else we love her as she is. It's been three years or so. She has walked for Chanel, Erin Fetherston or Alena Akhmadullina during all this time. She's been branded as a London darling walking for many designers there and she's still featured in Ashley Isham's most recent campaign. She's a favorite of photographers... [Lire la suite]
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Weirdly Sensual, part 1: the Ingredients and the Image

       Isa & Emma Karlsson, Antonella Graef, Isa & Loulou Kamp, Kersti Pohlak, Kinga Lukthanks to OlgaKorbut (1st row), Kokobombon (2nd and 3rd row) and OhJane (4th and 5th row) for the pictures What if the border between weird and sensual was smaller than ever ? If both were closer than we would ever imagine and would get on well brilliantly ? What if the next generation of models, or simply an upcoming team of fresh faces were both very weird with an unexpected sensuality ? Weirdly sensual... [Lire la suite]
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