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Veni Vidi Vici

Tune your eyes and ears for one of the last times as we did while working on this piece. Who are the "faces of five years of FDIB" was the main question behind our idea to (re-)feature a final time these models who regularly appeared on this page from their first steps in this business till end of our project. We don't pretend we took part in anything in their careers but were our wildcards from the starts, models we were probably among the only ones (besides their agents of course) to believe in their future and who proved us the... [Lire la suite]

Baby Did A Good Good Thing

Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY) After weeks swallowing campaign after campaign with different levels of joy or boredom, after a few days sleeping in front of the screen when Haute Couture collections started to show up, finally time of covers is coming again. At last. Excitement started with Numéro Tokyo and LOVE last week or so and we could add Numéro (the original edition this time) to this list that we sincerely hope to see grow in the upcoming days. Glossy yet thought-provoking pictures are often what takes us away from feeling too... [Lire la suite]
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My Heart Never Healed (From This Love)

          Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY) Scenes from the past spiced up with a few anachronic details or smart recipe made of timeless items that still may be able to catch the spirit of today (with a nostalgic feeling for yesterday and an eye looking at tomorrow). Hard to find the exact words to describe, hard to describe anyway without falling into the usual honeytrap of making a catalogue of references, past or current. Feelings usually do it better when it comes to comment some editorials (from US Harper's... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 6: Eniko

  Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY) It's not exactly subjective at first sight, picking Eniko as a favorite this season as we guess we won't be the only ones to add her on the list. She obviously belongs to the most watched and most successful girls so far due to a perfect week in NY and a clever timing for her editorial book (gracing the cover and an editorial in V55). Only a few other girls were able to follow this rythm, maybe only one other actually - Viktoriya Sasonkina (the most exclusive showlist and a Vogue Italia... [Lire la suite]
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Endearing Eniko, Majestic Mihalik

  Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn NY, Elite Paris The world is ready for Eniko. And she's ready to make her mark now. It's an enormous and exciting moment for us as Eniko, from Hungary, is among our favorite since her beginnings. She was actually a part of the first ten models to reach our MNP Models database. She's pure sweetness and already walked for Chanel, call this season a new chapter in her career. We've heard she looks like Daria Werbowy. That's maybe a bit true, that's probably highly flattering but to be honest, Eniko is... [Lire la suite]
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