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A Major package

Here we go - our selection from Major FW 09-10 show package. You might have seen this on COACD and been intrigued like us by the artwork of Brad Fisher. Eye-catching design for an eye-catching team of models. Sessilee first. Memories from last week, couture fashion shows. She's the one that leaves an unforgettable mark in your mind. Can't get her walk and presence out of our heads. Add Mariya just featured two posts below, a perfect touch of red with our all-time favorite Holland, some stunning surprises called Zenia or Edsa, NY... [Lire la suite]
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Trop cute !

Ernesta Petkeviciute @ Major (Paris) Just featured this morning from her two pages in current Jalouse, the newest Lithuanian in town is also the cutest of the cuties we've seen and could walk in the footsteps of many of our favorites. She's one of these girls who definitely need to spend less time on the training ground, who look naturally sophisticated as soon as they come.  And if she's too cute to be true, our little fingers are telling us she hasn't shown everything yet. Cute as a button might get his most appropriate... [Lire la suite]
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Meet the Majorettes !

Ernesta @ Major (Paris) Kika Rose @ Major (Paris) Each month, two young and fresh faces are featured in the first pages of Jalouse. A la manière de, styled as. This issue has two bright newcomers from Major Paris, the lovely Kika Rose Ridley and Ernesta Petkeviciute just arrived from Lithuania. Stay tuned for detailed portraits of both... styled as themselves !
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