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We Hear Violins, You Know What It Means

At this stage it's not a show package anymore or a show-doc as we say in Paris, it's a symphony. From every point of view: the pace, the music, the visuals running in front of your eyes when you're watching this (not-so) short movie, literally stuck to your screen. Video packages are getting more and more popular these days and each agency might have its own version of the excercise, trying themselves at it with more or less success. IMG probably worked it out perfectly on one point at least: the way it pictures the agency,... [Lire la suite]
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Your guess is right, we still love this color

      Magda Jasek @ Free (Poland) We're not Monday but we're in the same state of mind as on a Monday morning. We're going offline soon but this is the kind of topic we love to start a brand new week. Let's say we're starting it right now, Monday is really soon after all and you might see it tomorrow only. So, here's our pre-Monday redhead issue dedicated to Magda, signed with Free in Warsaw, Eskimo's partner in Poland. The little story was shot by Errikos Andreou and its title is Le Plus Beau du Quartier which... [Lire la suite]
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