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Deep Love

    Svetlana Mukhina @ Elite (NY) Just featured Billy Kidd's work three days ago and back again with some new materials. And his muse of the day is no less than another FDIB-favorite, Svetlana Mukhina, Eskimo discovery signed with Elite NY (and FM London). The epitome of the expressive girl who already looked absolutely marvelous on her digitals taken during last show season in March. So, after unveiling Bo Don's unexpected sides and best-kept secrets, Billy explored the depth of Svetlana's potential. Abyssal, isn't it ?
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Take it for Granted, see it in my Eyes

Magdalena Jasek @ Eskimo, Free (Poland), Marilyn (Paris & NY) We briefly talked about Magdalena Jasek's case in our previous post, covering the whole bunch of girls walking for Gaspard Yurkievich and dropped a few words on her being among the lucky ones in Jean Paul Gaultier's most expensive casting in seasons. That's it, that's not the groundbreaking news of the week but that's what really matters in the end: seeing one of our favorites from the new generation taking off and keeping a steady pace during Paris fashion week. Too... [Lire la suite]

FDIB loves and bookmarks: Elite's Future Faces of the Day

  Svetlana Mukhina and Jasmine Yan @ Elite (NY) Wasn't planned at all on our daily schedule but our night-time online round-up brought us to Elite's blog. And we just couldn't resist, just had to spread the word and drop a few lines on the aesthetic currently going on there. We love agencies which dare to cross their own limits, explore unknown territories. It's sometimes as simple (and striking) as a few polaroid sheets. Plus the two girls recently featured on their blog are two FDIB favorites: both Svetlana (Eskimo girl we... [Lire la suite]
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Acting in English

  Gaia Weiss @ Just WM (Paris) Born and raised in Paris with French and Polish roots, Gaia seems to be another of those precious discoveries that only Eskimo knows how to find. Another one and another completely different one, with a lovely story behind her modeling career and a look that playfully goes back and forth between classic and rock'n'roll. It becomes even more interesting when you know both are heavily related, her look starts where her story brought her when she fell in love with London after being a perennial... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Izzy !

Izzy Dyer @ Eskimo Days are getting so hectic we hadn't much time to "meet" new girls lately but we didn't forget about it and kept the excitement for brand new faces alive, even when fashion weeks are so soon and capturing most of our attention. So, today you're going to meet Izzy, one of the recent finds of international network Eskimo. Another one, another look. At almost 5'10 (177), the young Brit who's already signed with Zone in London, has got even more assets than her cute pout would let you imagine,... [Lire la suite]
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Shuffle the Cards again

        Lucia Tresova @ Just WM (Paris) The wind is warm again and the rain is gone, the sun is back between the clouds. It's still August and Summer hasn't moved away but Fall is already kocking at the door bringing the frenzy and excitement of a new season (if not a new ear, we'll see). Lucia Tresova brings back the energy that is sometimes missing during holidays with her fresh polas from Just WM. Tears of joy, Paris wakes up and strikes again. We bet you won't need to feel the spirit of the times any longer,... [Lire la suite]
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From Every Angle

Ksenia Malanova @ Eskimo We know her for two days only and she's already like any of our perennial favorites, we placed immediately at the top of our list and there is seven reasons to that just above. Unusual intensity isn't as unusual as its name but at this level it's clearly unique, truly uncanny. We don't like to say it this way but for Ksenia it seems we have no other choice: pure perfection from every angle. The six pics in tiger tee-shirt and leggings will all show you, tell you that you can look at her in every single... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Brynja

Brynja @ Eskimo (Iceland) Long time we hadn't any Photomaton here. You know, these features we named after this crazy engine you sit in to make photographs of you four by four for your passport. It was much sought after by french surrealists for their art works and we guess Brynja would have been in high demand at that time as well for her surreal look. We thought she is the perfect one for this kind of exercise as she's at this famous crossroad in a model career when pictures start piling up in the book and you can have an... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Denisa

      Denisa Kalavska @ Eskimo (Slovakia) We featured almost one month ago when she was in Milan (with Ice) and thought it could be a good thing to drop a few more lines on one of our favorite newcomers from Slovakia. Denisa Kalavska was scouted by Eskimo and, we already knew it, is highly photogenic. Camera-friendly we'd say. We also told you she is as young as talented and nothing has changed since, she's still that youthful blonde who knows how to pose (remember Karel Losenicky's tests back in June). Some... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Dasha

Dasha Sushko @ Just WM (Paris) Last time (and first time) we talked about Dasha was in April, it was all about the way her mother agency Eskimo found her at school in Ukraine. Since that day, our hopes and expectations haven't stopped growing and growing, especially as she signed with one of our favorite new agencies worldwide Just WM. Up to them to develope our beloved ballerina to the max. With her perfect silhouette peaking at 5'10, blue eyes that will never lie and graceful poses, Dasha should be unstoppable now that her... [Lire la suite]
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