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Amanda Legnani @ Eskimo (Brazil) A little more than six months later and here she comes again. From raw polaroids to more elaborated (yet still wild and geniune) test shots, Amanda's power hasn't stopped increasing with time without losing this touch of mystery that caught our attention when we saw her (and featured her) for the first time. Dark mood, blue eyes meet 5'11 (180) height and angular features. The formula - striking on polaroids - works on test pictures as well regardless if she poses in front of a good-old VW bus... [Lire la suite]
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Just Jaine

    Jaine Schuh @ Eskimo (Brazil), Elite (NY), Just WM (Paris) There is something about Jaine's look that is maybe not going to catch your eyes at first sight. You'll be fully aware of the limitless potential here only once you have the opportunity to take a deeper look at her book. See how she morphs into another character for almost every single picture. Almost classic, always classy. Chameleons have never been as charming as these days. Delicately suntanned and delightfully subtle in the way she pulls out emotion... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Amanda !

Amanda Legnani @ Eskimo (Brazil) Amanda is a strong body and a leggy silhouette at 5'11 (180 78-60-87) but, according to her mother agent, it doesn't stop here. She's an eye-catcher, a stunner right from the start for sure scouted by Eskimo in Brazil. She's also got this extra touch of good attitude and we won't exaggerate things if we say she's classy. We haven't met her but it looks clear from the pictures. Expressions, emotions. She only needed polaroids to show how she can work this out. We love to see models starting from... [Lire la suite]
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