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Open your eyes

Balakina by Eugene Klement Balakina by Sasha Korostelyeva Balakina @ Avant Models (Russia) Finally you can open your eyes again. Balakina is back, with a complete book this time. Totally living up to the expectations we had seeing her polaroids last week. Just fresh, just shot last weekend, Balakina was certainly lucky to experiment two different styles and to extend the panel of her possibilities so quickly, relying on both her incredible face and features and her ability to move in front of the camera. From Eugene... [Lire la suite]
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Inspiration squared

Inna Smolina @ Avant Models (Russia) Irina Denisova @ Avant Models (Russia) We just couldn't decide who of Inna or Irina will be the one to be featured here and now. Was too hard to pick the right one for the right moment. By the way, can we really talk about a right moment in their case ? Rather about some kind of aesthetic at Avant Models that keeps strengthening day after day. Shooting after shooting and with each of their new models. There's no too obviously classic beauty, no ready-made beauty concept and no cliché in the... [Lire la suite]
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Eugene Klement, photographer

models: Elena Sudakova (IMG) and Alana Kuznetsova (IMG) Let's have a closer look at Eugene Klement's work which includes some eye-catching shots of Alana Kuznetsova and Elena Sudakova. This photographer captured our attention with his ability to discover and shoot promising new faces, providing sober yet poetic stories with an extra emphasis on translating his model's best qualities into pictures.    One of the highlights is probably this story shot for Chapurin with Alana Kuznetsova, a few times before she became a... [Lire la suite]
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