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Oh Girls, They Wanna Have Fun!

    Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) Happy rainy Monday everybody! Back from quite an inspired weekend and back with one of the only new faces we've introduced this Summer: Lena Hardt, the already highly talked-about newcomer from AM Model Management in Germany that seems to take her first steps quite seriously with this new batch of tests by Eva Baales. No place for hair-controversy, though, it is pure styling and Lena is already back to her brilliant everyday look that has caught so many eyes. If there is... [Lire la suite]
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  Val @ AM Model Management (Germany) We introduced Val a few weeks ago with some gorgeous digitals of hers (right, the girl with the striped top) and promised you a second part with more materials to shed some light on her actual modeling skills. Here we go, Friday afternoon and the weekend coming soon (even if this morning had everything of a Monday morning). Val, 5'9 from Germany, with Russian roots and a geniune love for skateboarding, don't know if we mentioned that before.       Clearly not the random... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Aysche !

Aysche Tiefenbrunner @ AM Model Management (Germany) She's AM Model Management's latest find - two weeks ago, can you believe it when you see her pictures ? Hard to believe indeed or easy to understand why she's a model and why she's already ready for Paris. Only a little dozen of days  after being discovered. Maybe that's the special way for the very best ones. And of course you can consider Aysche as one of the best. Innate power, natural potential, ease in front of the camera. Everything is at the right place and you... [Lire la suite]
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