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Beyond The Mirror

    Vanusa Savaris @ Nass (Brazil), FM (London), New York Models (NY), Women (Paris & Milan) And Vanusa again. Third time maybe we publish a few lines on the brunette from Nass Models and it's always a pleasure to follow what her next little step will be (and look like). Today she comes in an editorial from Wonderland Magazine, sweet and severe moods mixing from page to page. Once again, it's too early to think about champagne bottles but the evolution goes its slow and steady way. Rome wasn't built in one night and so... [Lire la suite]
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La Veronika Vera

      Veronika @ New Face MNG (Slovakia) Just tried to relax yesterday afternoon and evening after days of nonstop work and guess what, we failed at it. If we will spend one day without working at all is a total mystery for us right now and already off topic since we're officially back on tracks on Monday morning, waking up with the sun and writing as fast as our fingers can run on the keyboard. The model who literally came to disturb our lazy Sunday evening is Veronika, young sprout straight from Slovakia who just... [Lire la suite]
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Halfway To Your Paradise

      Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris, Milan), FM (London) Whiskey memories out of the beaten tracks and roses in the snow... our daily life in a few words these last few weeks. Heading to unknown places with cheerful feelings of known directions with new moods, the future of FDIB is made of flowers still to blossom. And that's how it goes for the future of modeling too. Who's going to be noticed next, who's going to leave a durable impression after four weeks of shows and so on. Better not think and... [Lire la suite]
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The Way It Grows

        Nancy Williams @ FM (London) Let's talk about brows, again. After Mariya Markina's endless eyebrows-magic, Nancy Williams. Once a lifetime opportunity, twice a day. Hard to believe when you hear but easy to get as soon as you saw Nancy's latest polaroid set, straight from FM Agency in their signature style we can't get enough of. Let's talk about brows but not just brows, would be totally unfair to focus on such a small part of the whole 'Nancy-effect' that immediately turned her into a favorite of ours... [Lire la suite]
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Hey, Lena!

      Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) It's quite an awesome feeling to be back on track, especially when it's for good reasons and this day would be complete without a brand new girl as the cherry on the top. Not going for new faces for the sake of having something new to show on FDIB, but always willing to be jump on the most exciting opportunities. So here we go and there she goes, Lena Hardt from the most intriguing and most precious German boutique at the moment: AM Model Management.     It's... [Lire la suite]
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    Viivi Kapanen @ Brand (Finland) Deep analysis or short into ? Long and detailed portrait or quick overview ? For the first question the answer would be short intro then to the second we'd neither details nor overview. Just two polas to get the point and it took us time to get that idea. Her book is strong and sophisticated and we could have picked, very easily, a palette of pictures to give an idea of what Viivi's talents are like. But we went for another option, something more "visual" if this happens... [Lire la suite]
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Lady of Ice

Chloe @ FM (London) After a detailed intro literally done a few hours after she arrived in town, a short update. Short yet intense, short as we can't say more than we already did and pictures are stronger than any of our best words, intense because you can't talk about anything else than intensity when you feature Chloe (first Nisch-girl to spread her wings) by Jessie Craig. Call them both dark romantics or don't call them anything at all and just enjoy the visual thrill, feel the heat when her eyes blows cold from her distant... [Lire la suite]
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Eyes Like Hers

      Chloe @ FM (London) Chloe arrived in London this morning, dropped by the agency and rushed to her first meeting, as simple as it sounds. Simple might not be the best word to describe Chloe's beauty, though. Sophisticated or ethereal would be much better definitions of her very peculiar look. Simple wouldn't fit for her personality either, inspired should do it better. Or passionate, for anyone knowing her involvement in modeling. Managed by Swedish boutique Nisch Management in Stockholm and recently signed with... [Lire la suite]
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The 2 2 Watch

      Madeleine Lundmark @ FM (London) High season, low season and in between, the latter being the most interesting to us when all the agencies of all four cities are getting their new "weapons" ready for the victory. Everyone has his own recipe, every idea is good to hear and every strategy has its advantages. It's no secret we particularly appreciate the work done at FM Models in London, it's not surprise then to see two girls from them being featured here again. And we've got a few good reasons to be excited about... [Lire la suite]
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Deep Love

    Svetlana Mukhina @ Elite (NY) Just featured Billy Kidd's work three days ago and back again with some new materials. And his muse of the day is no less than another FDIB-favorite, Svetlana Mukhina, Eskimo discovery signed with Elite NY (and FM London). The epitome of the expressive girl who already looked absolutely marvelous on her digitals taken during last show season in March. So, after unveiling Bo Don's unexpected sides and best-kept secrets, Billy explored the depth of Svetlana's potential. Abyssal, isn't it ?
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