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Poise and Harmony

        Azila Jangutdinova @ FM (London) She joined FM's new faces board as one of their most stunning recent international additions and here she goes now. In London at the minute we write, getting the kind of response you just can dream of. Not hard to understand if you know what her look and potential are like. Look is easy to figure out when you see these delicate features and high potential obviously cross your mind as she just knows how to use that precious look. Azila (another one from Noah Models) might... [Lire la suite]
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Anastasiia @ FM (London) After showing details of Anastasiia's raw side, captured by Andrea Carter-Bowman in black and white digitals and a couple of test shots, we thought it was big time to explore her much softer side through the lens of Emilie Muller, another photographer who had an opportunity to work with her during her stay in London. If these new pictures have a smoother touch and are showcasing the most delicate looks of Anastasiia yet, they remain true to what could easily become her signature-style: that... [Lire la suite]
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The Alpha and The Omega

 Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We're quite happy with this new opportunity to drop a few words on Nancy Williams and quite glad about the total sync with the party thrown tonight by Centrefold Magazine where the pictures above are from. Shot by Ben Weller on a China Girl theme -- think of the song rather than the country -- we're in love with the simple fact it highlights Nancy the way she is, striking yet subtle. Sounds like easy-writing if you consider we only feature girls we think are striking or at least have everything to... [Lire la suite]
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So Strange are the Ways of Love

          Anastasiia @ FM (London) Okay we told you to stay tuned for yesterday night and we left you waiting for 24 more hours. Not nice but worth the price, no ? As  we said in the first part, we simply love Andrea Carter-Bowman's work but these pieces might have a special sense to us. Like a tiny bit of a dream come true (for us and Anastasiia) and some good reasons to keep the hopes sky high. Our beloved Venya Brykalin had already explored some of her spookiest sides before she left to London but... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: AKA Nastya on A Carter Epic

    Anastasiia @ FM (London) Spotted this morning on one of our favorite London-based photographer's blog, our very own Anastasiia's digitals from the test shoot she had during her stay in town. Raw, untouched and wearing this now-so-famous grey tee-shirt she wore on her video before leaving home in February. Of course we love Andrea's work and blog but this time we totally loved and agreed with the few lines under the pictures. May these predictions come true soon, believing in them anyway. And stay wired for more on... [Lire la suite]
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Speak out, don't talk about

    Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We didn't know flowers could blossom on macadam. Didn't know but had to admit it as the new truth and to forget about the old one and any kind of common (non)sense. Always thought this (fashion) world is strange but has never looked as strange as today. As right now. A matter of timing, of the way news started to pile up all day endlessly and randomly. Started right, though. Started with two pictures of Nancy Williams, 5'9 (176), FM Agency and cool flashy hair/pale skin combo. Gazing in the... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Elite's Future Faces of the Day

  Svetlana Mukhina and Jasmine Yan @ Elite (NY) Wasn't planned at all on our daily schedule but our night-time online round-up brought us to Elite's blog. And we just couldn't resist, just had to spread the word and drop a few lines on the aesthetic currently going on there. We love agencies which dare to cross their own limits, explore unknown territories. It's sometimes as simple (and striking) as a few polaroid sheets. Plus the two girls recently featured on their blog are two FDIB favorites: both Svetlana (Eskimo girl we... [Lire la suite]
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Don't need icecubes

      Anu Koski @ FM (London) Twice this year already and thrice in a lifetime. Anu seems on her way to be regularly featured here and truth might be that being signed with FM London seriously helps. We're not biased, just pretty much into the agency's aesthetic and efficiency. Three polas above to judge and all three going straight to the point: Anu's best asset might be her ability to fit various different molds. Her mother agent (Brand in Helsinki) was probably the first to be aware of her chameleon talents and... [Lire la suite]
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A Brand New Anu

   Anu Koski @ Brand (Finland) A new book for a new look is usually a decent and honest recipe to push a career a little further. But a new book with several new looks goes definitely far beyond the regular expectations of a few months of development. Or is it time to set new standards ? At least, that's the way Brand Model Management sees their business and we can agree on this point. More materials of a higher quality and broader diversity. Anu was sent in Seoul to build her book and improve her modeling skills. She... [Lire la suite]
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Two of the FM Kind

      Sadie Newman @ FM (London), Ford (NY) Dark hair and pale skin, winning combo ? Seems so, especially when you push both at their extremes. It's not the first an agency gives a try to that look but it has recently reached a very special level at FM, London. Two girls of this kind are seeing their career opportunities growing sky-high while their future looks more promising than ever. Don't want to jinx anything so, let's simply put it that way: development is wonderfully done with major materials. Editorials... [Lire la suite]
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