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TMSRRE part 12: Ursula

      Ursula @ FM (London) Yesterday we were speechless and breathless when we saw her walking for Christopher Kane. Immediately thought of a report on her. Could have done it overnight but we were right to wait a little longer. A matter of hours, as the missing piece of the puzzle just arrived and left us speechless and breathless once again. Tears we cried were tears of joy this time. Magical moments that we didn't even expected. Ursula belongs to our favorite models since the day we noticed her first. Something... [Lire la suite]
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Frequency Modulation

        Aysche Tiefenbrunner @ FM (London) Aysche Tiefenbrunner, the fab find from German boutique AM Model Management, found her home in London right in time for the shows. Just arrived and added to FM's show package, Aysche confirms our expections and strengthens our hopes. And love keeps growing after three features on her already. We were asking ourselves back in July if she was becoming a new FDIB-classic and it seems the latest polas could give us the answer. A clue, at least. Halfway between totally... [Lire la suite]
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Two girls and Two times Two letters

      Lelde Malina @ FM (London) Lelde Malina. Unique gaze, innate sweetness and much power. Got to be the one who works out that mix. You won't find many girls, in town or internationa, that can handle so many contrasts at the same time and who turns them into her very own assets. 2B Models, Lelde's mother agency in Latvia, build their reputation in the fashion world for the unique-looking girls they know how to find and after Nikole (both also with Ford NY) or the newest of the new Jolanta (featured yesterday, see... [Lire la suite]
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A Subtle Wind of Coolness

      Kinga Lukomska @ FM (London) Who doesn't run in NY next work has to rush to London. If there is no specific plan in Milan or Paris, indeed. So, good girls are slowly starting to land in british agencies now and the first nice surprises are already in town. Among them is Kinga Lukomska, big-time all-time favorite of ours and muse of photographer Sarah Moon. Kinga's got this amazing ability to refresh her look forever, making each appearance a little different from the previous one. This time we're falling for... [Lire la suite]
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Laila and Friends

      Laila Pudule, Kaya Wilkins and Deana Noop @ FM (London), Heather Koenitzer and Anna Tatton @ Bookings (London) The Return of the Independent Spirit. A title has never been that true. True to the atmosphere, true to the magazine (POP's brand new version), to the photographer Jason Evans and to all the young models featured in this story. As this is where we always put the strongest emphasis, we'll focus on the casting once again. Three FM girls including Laila Pudule (from 2B Models in Latvia and among our... [Lire la suite]

Pick up the Phone

            Raisa Anane @ Mandarina (Romania) Taken less than an hour ago in the backyard at Mandarina's offices, Raisa is ready now and getting more powerful than ever. Who would have guessed only a few months ago ? But Raisa (5'9 with FM London and in perfect shape) has got the will and has been able to keep her targets as high as her potential. She learnt how to pose, how to show her presence on pictures and everything else she needed back in time. She's now able to turn from classic beauty to... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Kaya

        Kaya @ FM (London) Growing, growing and non-stop growing on us these days, Kaya belongs to our absolute favorites from now on. She will appear in the same editorial as Laila Pudule (one more month to wait). The second girl of the combo was also the heart of the convo with her agent a dozen of days ago and for various reasons she caught our attention. For good. We expect the best from her and we're not the only ones. With showtime getting sooner than ever and magazines waiting to be released this Fall, we... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Sadie

Sadie Newman @ FM (London) While our newest colleague at Lexposure is reviewing the oddest ice-cream flavors (have a look, regardless if you're hungry or on a diet) we are chilling out then heating up again with Sadie's new polas. As fresh and refreshing as an ice-cream, the four ones above were just taken yesterday by her mother agency, FM Models in London. Simple ingredients can turn into the most original looks when they are put together in a unusual way: take a cool hairdo, cool hair color, a white tank-top and some black... [Lire la suite]
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Future in Motion

Malgozata Moksecka @ FM (London) Her mother agency in Vilnius, Metropolitan Models, introduced us to Malgozata last fall. She had a couple of polas, bad light but high potential. We trusted them and they came back with some great tests. Was the first time we featured her. Now she's making her marks in London and her home here is called FM Agency. And they are quite happy and faithful about her (and her future). She's just arrived in town and the response from clients is already as good as it should always be. Why ? Take another... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Luca Aimee !

Luca Aimee @ Place (Germany) We were always captivated by her delicated feature. Everytime we checked her portfolio at Place Models. But the real kick came on a vintage magazines-shopping afternoon in Berlin, don't even remember the actual name of the mag yet an editorial with Luca Aimee (the issue was really recent, it's been released only a tad earlier this year) quickly caught our eyes. And she's definitely an eye-catcher, the best eye-catcher to begin this new week. Now making her marks in London too, with FM Agency, we... [Lire la suite]
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