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September seems so soon

Laine Rogova @ 2B Models (Latvia) Laine belongs to our perennial favorites now and it's quite a huge thing for a girl we could still describe as a new face. She's already working for a little while yet she's still at her beginnings. Though, all we've seen of her portfolio was purely amazing. Thrilling. Soft power might be the word to describe her potential. She looks sweet, soft but can work out any mood for any kind of editorial. Latest example ? Her new spread in Dutch Glamour shot by Anna Rosa Krau. Delicate and graceful. And... [Lire la suite]
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Spread those wings you don't have

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena has been featured here a few times already and will probably featured again (and again). She was also one of our Lexposed Faces and she's a true Amica-girl. Does this all mean she's one of our favorites ? Obviously yes. From d'management in Milan to Elite Paris via Ford NY, we've been following whatever she did wherever she went. With our train tickets booked now, we're preparing for our trip in Berlin and truly hope to see Magdalena there as well. She's already in town with Seeds... [Lire la suite]
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Clara in June

Clara Buchanan @ Ford (NY) We featured Clara almost two months ago, after she did a few tests in Paris (with Viva) perfectly portrayed by photographer Bruno Werzisnki. Now it's big, big time to update on Clara again as she's back in New York with some freshly taken polaroids. What we love most with these new pictures is how she handles the contrasts between her look (outfit etcetera) and her delicate features which we already praised last time. It just goes back to our description of her potential: a classic beauty who with... [Lire la suite]
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Whispering loud (extended version)

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) We couldn't put them all in the same post but definitely couldn't overlook this part of Nikole's portfolio as well. Here is her last story shot by Chuando and Frey while she was developing her book with them. New plans for Nikole include her current work in New York but she's also going to travel in Tokyo this summer (with Bravo Models). We guess we'll have  to update you again on her. And it will be with a huge pleasure, as usual. It's already our fourth piece on... [Lire la suite]
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Whispering loud

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) There is something impish in her gaze but it's well balance by some melancholic or even bittersweet expression. Whatever the way we use to describe it, it would never reach perfection and only one thing is sure and safe enough to shout it loud: Nikole's potential is a subtle as endless. And it looks even more obvious now that a new chapter of her career is being written. We've already featured the sweetest Latvian twice since her early beginnings with 2B Models, we can feel the... [Lire la suite]
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Fasten the seatbelts of your Thunderbird

    Tayane Leao @ Ford (NY) Looking like a perfect free bird with her new hairdo - a brilliant mix of cool and classy - Tayane is back on our page with another brilliant series of test shots. This time by Bradford Gregory who perfectly captured her laid-back look and dramatic mood in the atmosphere of an ending afternoon at the beach. Apart from our love for what we see (and our love for Tayane's portfolio), another little detail that counts a lot is the way the photographer sees it, his feelings towards the work he did... [Lire la suite]
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Midday Gambling and Safe Bet

        Tayane Leao @ Ford (NY) She was recently featured on Ford's brand new (and lovely) blog. And here she comes, here comes Tayane's tests by James Mahon (also blogging for the best). Last days of Spring, already morphing into Summer, the heat growing higher and the mood getting lighter. Enjoy the visual power of a new hairdo, a new vibe strenghtening some naturally eye-catching potential, 5'9"5 Tayane has imposed herself as the epitome of the cool brunette and modern classic beauty. Finding new girls... [Lire la suite]
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Jacquelyn as it seems

        Jacquelyn @ Ford (NY) Laid-back AND dramatic. These were our first thoughts when we saw Jacquelyn's tests by James Mahon. The depth of her gaze is impressive, almost haunting. But her poses, her attitude in front of the camera is pure coolness, relaxed and relaxing. Self confident enough but never too much which makes the perfect balance when you're looking for a nice way to feature a model in development. Maybe the most interesting (and even thrilling) is how James managed to capture her image the best... [Lire la suite]
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Johanna is our latest Lexposed Face

Johanna Kneppers @ Ford (NY) Since yesterday. See more, read more on why we think she's a professional chameleon. Charming and charismatic, from Just WM in Paris to Ford in NY. From Balenciaga to what's next.
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So natural = Bradford Gregory's camera + two effortlessly elegant beauties

Josefina Cisternas @ Ford (NY) Another photographer's name that immediately came in our minds was Bradford Gregory who could be considered as regularly featured here now. We've already posted a few of his stories these last months and would like to introduce his latest work. First of them was shot with model Josefina Cisternas, found by Elite Chile and discovered via the Elite Model Look at the end of 2008 where she managed to catch a good spot (and some attention). Dark eye-brows with lighter hair often creates some intensity... [Lire la suite]
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