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The Newest Wave

Martine Schouten Hoogendijk @ Fresh (The Netherlands), Nathalie (Paris), New York Models (NY) -- video courtesy of Nathalie Paris Makes sense. A short movie portraying Martine, taken in Paris, where she talks about modeling and her favorite things in life. From places she likes to food she loves, from what fashion means to her to the last thing she does before going to bed. It makes a lot of topics but simply reveals a few charming details without unveiling everything, keeping the mystery alive while her career takes off. The perfect... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Melissa !

  Melissa @ Fresh Model Management (The Netherlands) Melissa caught our eyes a few weeks ago and we've been told to wait a little. Until all her tests are out and available. Was worth waiting, her newest tests are even more powerful than all we've seen before. More sensitive as well, more relevant. More Melissa in any possible way, showing she's not only another striking 5'10 girl. She can impress, she can express. She does it all and it takes only six pics to show it right. Direct to the point, with that good mood she... [Lire la suite]
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