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Nastya Tretyakova @ Fusion (NY) Interviews with Fusion girls quickly became one of our beloved habit when an amazing new face joined their development board. After Karolina Nevia last year Krista Gamble in July, we felt we had to welcome their latest addition, a Russian young lady called Nastya Tretyakova (5'11 and very Fusion-looking) who's waiting eagerly for her first trip in New York. Managed by Black Model Management in her hometown and found online by Fusion's eye, she told us she owes a lot to photographer Nicole Demeshik ... [Lire la suite]
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Nineteen Years Young

Krista Gamble @ Fusion (NY) Fusion girls are special. We already knew it but we love to hear it from other people. Especially from the ones we trust, like Jonathan Leder who just shot the polas above, with Fusion fresh face Krista Gamble. Special, so special. That's why our Summer interview with a Fusion girl is back this July, after a first session last August with Karolina Nevia (who was just featured again a few days ago). We asked Krista the same questions and naturally got different answers. Though, one thing seems to be... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Lin

Lin White @ Fusion (NY) It's during showtime that we understand how precious are these Photomaton series. Direct comparisons between raw digitals and test shots with more or less precise styling. Writing this kind of little piece is a real pleasure. Delightful and playful for our eyes and quite useful for the day after tomorrow. One of the best example this season is probably Lin White, one of the most exciting newcomers from Fusion in NY. Her showcard caught our eyes and we didn't immediately recognize her. We didn't know it... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 4: Anna

  Anna Schilling @ Fusion (NY) Our fourth featured girl from NY runways seems to follow the same way as the three others as in spite of being the most widely booked she's getting a handful of selective shows peaking the week with a ticket to Max Azria. To know her is to love her could be the motto here as casting directors who booked her once tend to book her twice. It's no wonder for a girl as cute as charismatic and who's been truly able to set her own standards. Precious poses in backstages (worldwide, we had the opportunity... [Lire la suite]
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Boutique beauties

First time we heard of Fusion was just before s/s 08 fashion week. Seeing a couple of showcards, shot by David Roemer. Immediately thought their is a strong will to build a personal image, to follow specific vision and aesthetic. We couldn't not notice and fall in love with the agency and then kept a close look on its evolution. Till now and these three fantastic newbies and their fresh polaroid sheets. Again, we're fond of the design. Even if we don't like to know everything of a model's life, we love these little things like... [Lire la suite]
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