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Like there is no other

      Annemarije Rus @ Future Faces (The Netherlands) Full-time modeling since she graduate high school last years, Annemarije is enjoying a short Summer break nonetheless. Before getting ready again for another frenzy. Ready to hit the road again, with some new tests by Yorick Nubé as luggage. Packed with love and power, her portfolio became a little treasure and a good passport for a girl who loves travelling.  What makes her beyond precious has nothing to do with what she did or where she went, though. What... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Josefien !

  Josefien @ Future Faces (The Netherlands) How is life ? How is summer ? Holidays ? No holiday here. New faces keep coming from every part of this world and beyond. New one today, new sensation on a sunny monday morning is called Josefien and was found by Future Faces, the agency in Amsterdam who also manages our favorites Ronja, Juicy, Renee or Isabel - all featured here. Josefien is a gorgeous (and very talented) 15-years-old girl who's already 5'10 (180 82-62-87). Photographer Yorick Nube captured the best of her as he... [Lire la suite]
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Oh she's back, Oh she's great (and she's Lexposed)

    Ronja @ d'management (Milan) And she's our Lexposed Face tonight! We were already able to swear you she's our favorite lady from Future Faces in Amsterdam  and probalby the most thrilling newbie in town with d'management in Milan. The story continues, the next chapter is being written. Right now. Tonight. She's love, she dreams.
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