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Let the Music Play

Oana Timerman @ Mandarina Models (Romania) It's our "music day" today, don't know how to translate Fête de la Musique in English and don't even know if our sound goes beyond our borders. Well, we're not that much in a mood for celebrating, at least not feeling the idea of celebrating just because it's supposed to be so. We haven't listened to that music they play outside the rest of the year so why should we go out and dance right now ? Just like Christmas for anyone who doesn't belong to that religion or that... [Lire la suite]
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Introducing Ana (Extended Mix)

  Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania) It usually takes us a few days after fashion week to get fully aware of its effects. What new ideas it brought, what has to be adjusted in our vision and our ways to process things. Every season comes with a different palette of feelings and sets new standards, not especially talking about aesthetic ones but standards in general. Where we have to put more emphasis, what should get more focus and what should get a little less. Perception of beauty evolves all the time even if some key ingredients... [Lire la suite]
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True (Complementary) Colors

    Mihaela Mihnea @ Mandarina (Romania) We knew she looks so good in bright yellow but it seems she works out sapphire-blue with the same power. Fit in then stand out. Mihaela could be the kind of girls that handles the (complementary) extremes like yellow and dark purple, like mellow and hard. Or is she giving her own version of the famous night/day, shadows/lights combos ? All the answers are allowed as long as they agree with George Enache pictures which caught our attention for capturing another unseen side of... [Lire la suite]
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Savvy New Year!

Olga Savina @ Mandarina (Romania) Here we go again and there's a winner, baby. The winner today is clearly Olga Savina, one of the most intriguing new face we've seen in months. We had a phone call from Mandarina this morning and were talking about the girls who still have to improve their skills in front of the camera, especially their expressions. Were about to say Olga Savina but thank Lord, we know how to shut it up sometimes. We got our answer this afternoon when came Olga's new tests by George Enache and we just dare... [Lire la suite]
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