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Georgina Stojiljkovic @ Supreme Patricia van der Vliet @ NY ModelsKarolina Kurkova @ IMG Missy Rayder @ IMGHannelore Knuts @ Ford We fade to Grey or the show must go on? That's maybe the last question we asked ourselves between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night fever finished fast and Sunday seems still far away, only Grey Magazine keeps going places in our heads right now. Patricia's fuzzy blurred cover by Ellen Von Unwerth or Missy's black and white standout by Beau Grealy could be the highlights. Or did we spot Chadwick... [Lire la suite]

Press review !

It's been quite a long time we haven't done any press review here. Was it the lack of magazines ? The lack of models in the magazines ? The lack of new faces among the magazines ? A bit of everything actually, even if the whole situation wasn't that bad. Good magazines weren't that hard to find yet none of them was exactly exciting. A couple of nice finds in Paris including Amelia's Magazine (tons of great editorials, superb castings and the next issue sounds maybe even more promising !), positive news from London bookstores (new... [Lire la suite]
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