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Ta Da

    Tatum @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA) In the middle of the night. To see the dawn but fell asleep on the desk, dreaming on the keyboard and finally saw the sun at ten in the morning. Already warm and shining bright. Never make plans, then. No plan is the best plan ever and this should be the rule for modeling careers too. An idea of what can be done is necessary but planning is delusion. The fashion world goes on, day in day out and doesn't stop its circle just to make you able to reach your target. You've got to find... [Lire la suite]
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Good Mood & Big Leap

      Felisa Wiley @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA) We first featured Felisa on FDIB in April of this year when the only materials she had were a few natural shots. Enough to spot some huge potential in this young lady but it also left us eagerly waiting for more. And when her latest pictures arrived at the end of last week, we couldn't not put her name on top of our to-do-list. Shot by Ginny herself (see more on Ginny Edwards Development's blog) with a gorgeous landscape as background and a relevant summery mood to... [Lire la suite]
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Focus on Felisa

        Felisa Wiley @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA) Seems we woke up in America this morning! No, seriously we're still full force in the office and haven't move it from our hometown yet, just got some amazing new girls from the other side of the ocean lately. And we surely didn't want to miss any of these opportunities, Felisa über alles. Discovered by Ginny Edwards at the beach during Christmas break (you should always stay away from snow at that time of the year, proof in pictures here), Felisa scores a... [Lire la suite]
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New York City Girls

  Shelley @ New York Models (NY) We've been watching the new arrivals at New York Models these last few weeks. Carefully, very carefully. Who they are, where they come from, what they bring to the board. Four of five newcomers caught our attention so far and three of them finally hit our page this evening. Shelley is the first of this short, select team and she just deserves it. 5'9 and 15-years-old, scouted at a music festival and developed by Ginny Edwards, she's just making her first marks, first steps, first impression.... [Lire la suite]
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American Appeal

 Ali Stephens @ Elite (mother agnency: Pulse Management) It will be the first topic of 2008. American models or more exactly North American models. Actually, we're  thinking about it for months, almost half a year when the "American Beauty" buzz started to storm around the fashion industry. Though, at that time, right before and during the latest fashion weeks, we thought it might be too early to write an accurate article on this new wave of models and weren't sure of what to include in the words... [Lire la suite]