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Can't Stop Now Don't You Know (Extended Mix)

            Gloria Loitz @ Mode (Canada), One (NY) The eighties in our ears (currently, Don't Go) and Gloria in ours. Might be the perfect combination to end the day. Suitable ending, sweetness of the darkness and new pictures are shining bright. News came from every front: from One, her agency in NY, from Mode Models her mother agency and from photographer James Mahon who worked on her book (from third to last picture). Everybody is impressed and everybody is happy to be impressed. One's latest... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Gloria !

Gloria Loitz @ Mode Models (Canada) We had an eye (and two, and three, and four actually) on Gloria since we were introduced to her by her mother agency Mode Models. They were excited, we were impatient but we all decided to wait until they feel the right moment. It's always better when you've got this little thrill that you're making it right. And this morning is the morning (for some of us, tonight is the night). Coffee is flowing and it goes the same for stunning new faces. Mode strikes it high, again. Gloria is free-and-easy... [Lire la suite]
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