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Photographers Update #3: Alice by Glynis

Alice Langeani @ One (NY) It's not exactly the first time we post some pieces by Glynis Selina Arban. It's not exactly the first time we post some pictures of Alice Langeani as she was featured two times last week. But we're really proud to post some pictures of Alice by Glynis now. It seems the very best of a new generation of models in making meets one of our favorite photographers. Once again. As if the best of both worlds were simply made to work together.
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What happens...

 Michaela Majerska @ One ... one of your favorite models of the moment meets one of your favorite photographer ? We had no words to describe properly that feeling but can tell you for sure that it's always a big, big moment when we discover pictures like Michaela's ones shot by Glynis Selina Arban, a photographer we love and we have already featured last year for her awesome work. Michaela Majerska is maybe One Model Management (NY)'s most intriguing model right now, ready for her first season on the runways and Glynis just knew... [Lire la suite]
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Glynis Selina Arban I've discovered Glynis Selina Arban with "I love my boyfriend's clothes" editorial featuring Tanya Chubko and Coryse Smet. This young photographer has once again caught my eyes with four different eds, (see above, each pic is from another set), whose characters, looking curious yet lost in their thought, sometimes interrogative, are expressing both innocence and melancholy, which simply makes me dive in my own childhood memories and makes me wonder when childhood ends to let ... [Lire la suite]
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