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Ginta Lapina @ Women Sorry for the lack of updates, we were busy these last few days redesigning the future for us and for some others. Cool goal yet busy times. But don't imagine us cluttered in our office, windows closed like in a bunker, as we had an exhibition opening in between -- vernissage with homemade punch does it better. As things are starting to shape up right now and surprises are on their way, we thought it was time for a break and go back to basics. Like Ginta for Vogue Italia, not a classic yet but almost. Ginta... [Lire la suite]
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Three, two, ONE, fire.

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) and Amanda Laine (DNA) A few days to countdown but what countdown exactly ? Fashion week in New York or Vogue Italia in our favorite bookstore ? Both. But we still don't know which one we're waiting for (eagerly). Show packages we've seen so far have what it takes to get us enthusiastic about the newbies in town and first editorial preview of Vogue is pretty thrilling too (Jamie on the cover plus the story above, by Greg Lotus). Debora Muller is taking part of both, strengthening her editorial... [Lire la suite]
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The Room on the Roof (Atlantis is yelling)

Natalya Piro @ Women Direct (NY) We're following her since her early beginnings, we can almost say we began at the same time and we've never stopped believing in her. She's Natalya Piro (Nataliya sometimes, Pirozhkova sometimes). She's one of these girls who gave birth to our Redhead Issues and one we'll never let down. After all these seasons (let's even say all these years) she's still getting interesting work, level is on the rise and number as well. There is not a single month without an editorial with Natalya. Of course, she... [Lire la suite]
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Margaryta by Greg Lotus

 Margaryta Senchylo by Greg Lotus, courtesy of Joy Models Now we know this brand new issue of Vogue Italia is going to be amazing. More than amazing. More than awesome. The cover is marvelous (see below), dreamy, the main editorial by Meisel is pure love with a star-studded casting and the countryside theme seems to be shining all over the issue. Just check the "Suggestions" part, shot by Greg Lotus. Remember how graceful she was holding a shrimp in Vogue Germany, Margaryta Senchylo must be the most talented model for... [Lire la suite]
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