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Judging The Book By Its Cover

Grey like the sky we like, grey like an atmosphere. If we begin with Grey Magazine, we can hardly stop so let's rather spare our words tonight and keep them for the day we'll have it in hands and see what's inside for real. Let's stop and spare, and let's stick to the cover. Beautiful and simple, simply beautiful and beautifully simple (sorry for using that old trick again) as we wish every cover would be (or become). Plain and powerful, like a lost treasure you would find again by chance. As subtle as it's simple, showing what... [Lire la suite]
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Grey Day

Constance Jablonski @ Marilyn (NY) Grey Day would be the ultimate title for a post right now for several, even if we weren't writing on Grey Magazine right now. Grey sky, stormy weather, grey lights in the office and even the music sounds grey etc. Could be just a trick to talk about something else, going slightly away from the topic but it's just the heart of the topic. Grey Magazine with its grey cover on a grey day, could it make any more sense ? Let's stick to it and dig deeper. Grey is not the kind of magazine you put on a pile... [Lire la suite]
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