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Hundred percent

    Loora Salurand @ Top Models (Estonia) Happy Modays with streams of coffee. The very best way to start a week. And a month actually. We won't have time to watch the days go by as new faces keep coming from everywhere in the world and we stay excited by the invasion. Spanish magazine NEO2 is quite specialized in introducing newbies with our perennial favorite feature from it: Model Talking. Talking in the July-August issue is Loora, Estonian 17-years-old from Top Models in Tallinn (but scouted in Tartu) and sigend with... [Lire la suite]
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Rhubarb fields forever

Ruta Rimkunaite @ Metropolitan (Vilnius) Countryside. Maybe four or five years ago, we would have imagined an empty road in Western Germany, with trees and fields, lonely houses and little villages, food shops selling sliced cheese and Kim Wilde shouting from the cheap radio. Maybe the sound remains, the sudden need to listen to the same old songs on the first days of happy weather. Maybe the smell is still alive on some evenings or early in the morning but the whole idea of countryside might be more abstract today.... [Lire la suite]
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