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Q/A: FDIB + Chadwick Tyler feat. Gwen Loos

Gwen Loos @ Marilyn (NY) Fashion Does It Better: What role plays inspiration in your work and what's the weight of technique in the process ? Chadwick Tyler: A basic requirement for any good photographer, of course, is that they have good technique, that they know how to take a picture, that they know how to manipulate light and that they understand composition. But as so many students of prestigious art schools learn, there are scores of people who can master good technique. One also needs a profound source of inspiration.... [Lire la suite]
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Let's get Loos

Gwen Loos @ Marilyn (Paris) Let's say it loud, Gwen Loos has reached the status of favorite. She's not only our very own darling, she's also a girl who walked for Nina Ricci F/W 09-10 and just did Chanel in Venice which means she has at least two good eyes watching her. Quite a great way to take a serious start. All in sweet red shades at Nina Ricci or working out the sunglasses last week, Gwen is fresh, cute and intense (and 5'10). Found with her sister Donna by the one and only Wilma Wakker and managed by Marilyn Paris, Gwen is... [Lire la suite]
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