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Do Not Know, Do Not Care

        Hanna Samokhina @ Wilhelmina (NY) Do not know, do not care. What tomorrow will be but always eager to be the day after. Time goes by so slowly on one side and too fast when you think of the next deadlines in your life. Making decisions is never an easy task, it takes some extra strength and clear goals in mind to make the most important ones. As nothing is ever granted, you always get to cope with unexpected parameters and hopefully good surprises as well. Talking about good surprises, Hanna's performance... [Lire la suite]
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Hamburg - Paris

Theresa Genth @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), WM (Paris) From Hamburg to Paris via NY and back with a much lighter and natural shade of red. Our favorite strawberry-blonde from Germany and beyond who impressed us for her laid-back looks and crazy sense of style has finally an opportunity to go her way in the City of Lights. And we might have another opportunity to meet with Theresa Genth, crossing our fingers for this to happen if our respective schedules allow it. Just got these two panoramic pola-sheets made of WM's signature digitals and... [Lire la suite]
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We know what you did last Summer

Hanna Samokhina @ Just WM (Paris) First time we dropped a few words on Hanna Samokhina was last Summer, July exactly if our memories aren't just getting as crazy as us. "Hanna the allrounder" which was supposed to highlight some extreme versatility balanced by quite an unforgettable look, halfway between viscerally unusual and purely gorgeous. Quite a mix, right ? Hanna is more than a formula, though. You can have a perfect mixture of features, it wouldn't work so well without a touch of unexplainable charm. Latest... [Lire la suite]
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Here comes Hanna

      Hanna Samokhina @ Joy (Milan) The natural eye-catcher. You don't need more than a few seconds to notice her if you check Joy's latest new faces in town and it take only a few more seconds to love her look. She's Hanna Samokhina, she's photogenic, she's stunning. Meet the sunner, feel the power. Dark blond hair and deep blue eyes, a true love-story with the camera and so much charisma from her polas to the most elaborated test shot. A twist of melancholy and a slightly distant gaze bring her the extra classy... [Lire la suite]
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