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Tatatata Bengbengbeng (All The Rage)

      Valerija Kelava and Hanne Gaby Odiele @ Ford (NY), Hannah Holman @ Elite (NY) Working till two in the morning, waking up with loud disco straight in the ears and working again. Did we even sleep or did we dream we slept? That is the question and a very good one. Vogue Italia is not a dream, though it's a shame it hasn't reached our favorite bookshop yet -- will probably have to kick some asses soon if we want to get it in time.. next time. Because this issue is all the rage here and now, and makes us eager to see... [Lire la suite]

A good egg is hard to find (Odd tribute, true love)

          Hanne-Gaby Odiele @ Supreme (NY), Women (Paris), Women (Milan), Dominique (Brussels) Last night we were wondering if there is any restaurant cooking some fried eggs. Suddenly wanted some but we don't cook. We love eggs, we know it supposed to be an easy dish but don't know why we never cooked them (excepted we don't cook at all). We still have in minds parents of friends, while visiting them, saying sorry when they "just" did some eggs for lunch... A good egg these days is hard to find,... [Lire la suite]
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Hold on Hanne-Gaby !

Hanne-Gaby Odiele, model on the right slope, had an accident in New York (she's been hit by a car in the street) one or two month ago. She's recovering now but will probably have to wait until s/s08 to come back on the catwalk. However she has a few ad campaigns like Vera Wang and Top Shop, right now !
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