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  Herieth @ Angie's Models (Canada) We did a first feature on Herieth back in April, with some early materials from her mother agency Angie's Models in Ottawa, Ontario. Was a regular short introduction with the usual facts (14 and 5'11 tall) and our first impressions on her. First impressions were right and we got the confirmation last week when we learnt straight from her mother agent that Herieth is currently in New York. We said development might take time but some girls have what it takes to run slightly faster. Keep the... [Lire la suite]
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Introducing: Herieth

      Herieth @ Angie's Models (Canada) Here comes Herieth, first face of the week and perfect way to start the day. She caught our eyes by chance a few days ago and her mother agency Angie's Models was one of the fastest to get back to us ever with Herieth's materials, first tests that might not get unnoticed for too long. Just starting, just 14 but already 5'11 (180) and certainly knowing how to use this huge potential of hers. So fresh yet so poised, already. Her book is work in progress and she's still unsigned... [Lire la suite]
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