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Sharon is no proverbial beauty

          Sharon Kavjian @ IMG Yesterday, we talked a bit about the impact of a good words from the right persons. It's also true in Sharon's case. Jonathan Leder who shot the last three pictures was as clear as possible when he sent us his work. It was her second shoot ever and he was simply smitten by her potential. We guess it shows on the three above. When we asked IMG about her, the answer was almost the same. She could have left them absolutely speechless but it was an army of words to describe her... [Lire la suite]
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Unbreakable fragile little genius

        Emma Karlsson @ IMG (Paris) Cute, we said cute and Emma Karlsson is quite cute as well. Not just cute, though. You might already know it but we can't get enough of her work and we bet we're not the only one. Her most recent pieces include a complete story for Hong Kong magazine Milk X Monthly, shot by Jessie Craig. The photographer, who counts now among our biggest favorites, just couldn't stop telling us how Emma is professional and creative. We already had some opportunities to check out her... [Lire la suite]
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Frida's Friday

        Frida Gustavsson @ IMG (Paris) Frida on a Friday night was faster than the speed of the eve. The weekend is officially in thirdy five minutes so we can proudly tell you her feature is ready before. Frida is Lexposed Face tonight and she deserved her portrait there for her remarkable Couture-performance. We called her fresh-flavored-couture-candy. Because she's fresh, she's sweet, she's surprising and opening Valentino is oh-so-Couture. Frida's portoflio is a must-see, Frida's future is as bright as she's... [Lire la suite]
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A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind

    Inken @ Place Models (Hamburg) A girl to remember from an agency to keep in mind. These could be the best words to describe Inken and were the first ones to come in our minds when we received her materials at the end of March. We weren't sure if we had to rush and follow our excitement to feature her as soon as possible or if we had to wait for the very best moment to talk about her. We finally went for the second option and took time as our best friend. Now Inken (5'9"5 - 177) is signed with IMG and appeared at... [Lire la suite]
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Celine Girl, Lexposed Face

        Jeanne Bouchard @ IMG (Paris) Jeanne Bouchard made her debuts in Paris modeling for Celine's latest cruise collection. Brilliant intro and unique looks. She's also the latest girl we picked as our Lexposed Face - read more and see more HERE about the stunning Canadian (from Mode e Arto in Quebec).
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More Sacha, more Blue

Sacha Blue @ IMG (NY) Inside then outside, a multi-tasked model shot by a multi-tasked photographer in a story beginning in front of the pale light escaping from the window, ending on the wet sand next to the sea. Sacha Blue had a graceful little walk on the beach in front of Maxim Repin's camera, adding a little more substance to her portfolio which also includes recent shots by Jonathan Leder (we featured Sacha's polas a few weeks ago and promised you more...). On this sunny yet highly windy  Saturday afternoon we're all... [Lire la suite]
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Madeleine's 5'10"5 Magic

    Madeleine Berrevoets @ IMG (NY) When Jonathan Leder sent us his latest work with Madeleine two weeks ago we thought the canadian whispers were true, there was something about Madeleine, something going on right now. As always you only realise it with pictures, when what you see is what you get. In an atmosphere made of hopes and hoaxes, you sometimes need a few visual thrills to wake up. We could have called this little piece Mad about Madeleine. It would have sound too easy but true and honest nonetheless.... [Lire la suite]
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Gimme gimmicks

Tuanne Froemming @ IMG (Paris) It's gimmicky. It's a young woman with accessories and a purplish blue background. It's in Marie Claire, french edition and last issue. And it's well done. It's brilliant. First we should thank photographer Olivier Rose and stylist Mako Yamazaki who did what they had to do. And did it the right way. Then we're going to focus on model Tuanne Froemming. Actually we focus on Tuanne for quite a while, since her international beginnings. She was on the cover of Muteen in white and blue with flame-red... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Kangana

Kangana @ IMG (Paris) Our Photomaton series are usually dedicated to models who get their first tests. The idea is simple: four tests and four recent polas. This time, the whole story is a little bit different but the high quality of her polaroids justifies the idea of a Photomaton with Kangana. Striking snaps meet her best editorial to date. From Tank magazine, by Tarun Khiwal (styled by Chloe Kerman). She also got the cover of this issue which turns out to be a milestones in Kangana's career. She's got this calm beauty and... [Lire la suite]
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Truly talented...

Mak @ IMG (Paris) We received her poals a little while ago and needed another little while to know when and how to introduce them. Finding the right timing, it's sometimes what it's all about. We recently saw her on pictures from Australia. Walking on the runway, smiling and posing backstage. Mak is talented. Effortlessly. Naturally. She doens't need much more than her face and her eyes to create such a strong visual. That's what we thought when she first appeared in Amica, in their Casting series with two other IMG girls - Ocean... [Lire la suite]
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