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Slow Motion Towards The Exit

Elisa @ ICE² (Milan) We might be the last two romantic minds in this business or the only ones we know right now using their keyboard to discuss such issues. Tired of reading about "potential" all the time. Potential, what does it mean exactly? Why so much overconfidence and a total lack of confidence mixed in the same word, the same judgement, why does this word sound like the promise nothing will ever happen? New faces with potential have been appearing in front of us, sometimes even walking next to us and then went away without... [Lire la suite]
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Insane Insight

Melinda Szepesi @ Premier (London), Ice (Milan) Gaslight nights, randomly dressed and surviving with pizzas, beers and whatever sweet stuff, loud live music all evening long, twisted mornings  looking for parts of ourselves we might have forgotten next to some pieces of art in the other room. Was our life these last few days, was our daily nightlife (!) next to administrative duties lasting till dusk. New week, cold Monday, sound went away for a while and things are supposed to be back to normal. Supposedly, because nothing... [Lire la suite]
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Casual or Not

    Olga Cazacenco @ Ice Squared (Milan) Haven't talked a lot about London this season (did we talk about New York much as well? maybe before it started, right) and off to Milan we go now. First day today, first thrill later this afternoon (think Gucci and tune your mood) and first Milano-girl on FDIB this morning. From Ice Squared, home of Melinda and Alisa, who just released their show package on their blog asking if you are squared enough. We might be but not sure it's our answer that matters most these days. And our... [Lire la suite]
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Cool as Ice

Melinda @ Ice² (Milan) Sure she loves blinking at the camera, in a quirky lovely way that highlights her face shape and lucky gap between her front teeth. Here you, Melinda in a few words. So, isn't there another little blurb to write on Ice's magyar beauty ? Lots of more if you ask. First of all, she was in that gorgeous translucent cube sent to casting directors by her agency in Milan. Makes an interesting intro, right ? Then... then we had to wait until Paris to watch her first major move on a coveted catwalk. Ann Demeulemeester... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 15: Alisa

  Alisa @ Ice (Milan) There is another Alisa in Milan and you'd better not overlook this one. Alisa at Ice, cool as can be (and awesome on Matteo Montanari's shot above) and if the blond one she shares her name with walked Prada, she's got a lot to tell as well after two days of shows only. Count some of the very best on her booking-list. First one is Antonio Marras. Our favorite and, as we might have said thousand times these days, one of most interesting castings worldwide - all cities included. Extended and extremely... [Lire la suite]
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Cool as Ice: Hawa and Fatima

            Hawa and Fatima @ Ice (Milan) We introduced Hawa yesterday and had the feeling you would like to see more of her. So, here is more and a little more than more. We first noticed Fatima a few months ago when she joined Ice Models in Milan. Now in town with extra-fresh polaroids, we thought the opportunity to feature her was perfect and the combo with Hawa looks beyond awesome, each bringing her very own touch to the polas they shot together. Hawa (5'10) and Fatima (5'9"5) aren't only among the... [Lire la suite]
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As Fresh as Can Be

    Hawa @ Ice (Milan) It's all about New York today and we're jumping and bumping into each others in the office, not the best thing to do in an art gallery unless your goal is a performance on how fashion transforms art and so on. Totally about New York but already having a look at what's going on on the other side of the ocean. Here in Europe. Making our wish-lists for London, keeping both eyes open on Milan, dreaming of Paris. Focus on Milan for a second and we'd better write down that name, four letters, Hawa.... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Denisa !

Denisa @ Ice (Milan) Denisa is in Milan with her father as she's still young and after 4 days spent doing casting with only 4 polas from her devoted agency Ice Models, she has already managed a couple of great things. A very nice surprise is on the way and you can rely on us to keep you posted. She also worked on her book with photographer Karel Losenicky who was already the eye and the brain behind a few great test shots we've featured lately. With her delicate 5'10 silhouette (178 78-60-88), Denisa might have a few more... [Lire la suite]
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Very Verena (Hundred percent Herself)

      Verena @ Ice (Milan) Brazilian with Austrian roots, she's a fantastic find of Ice Models in Milan (mother agency) and ready to conquer Europe. Or maybe it's better to say she's ready to rock and could be in pole position from London to Hamburg. The kind of girls that can work out any kind of look with the same effortless coolness. Good idea from Ice to feature her with polaroids (good old polas) and to explore a couple of different expressions from the most ethereal-looking lonely girl to the... [Lire la suite]
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