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      Nico @ Iconic (Germany) Going by a name with a immediate flavor of music icon from last century, Nico is certainly the model that literally embodies her agency's vision right now and regardless the aura of fame and freedom around her nickname, she could be ready soon to go her own way and write her own story by herself. Recently added to Oui Management's roster in Paris, it's not the city of lights that will get all our attention tonight but where she comes from and what's been done from there since we saw her... [Lire la suite]
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Steady Motion

    Kat @ Iconic (Germany) Berlin Fashion Week is coming soon and most show packages have been released these days, many of them being actually huge lineups of models from famous names to first timers. From established agencies like Modelwerk or Mega to the newcomer of the season Cat Model Management, every agency (factory or boutique) has its own formula and aesthetic. As it's been a little while we haven't said a word Iconic Management, now based in Hamburg, we thought the upcoming even in Berlin could be an opportunity... [Lire la suite]
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Roids, roids, roids

    Dominika @ Iconic (Berlin) Some agencies say polas, some agencies say roids. At Iconic they rather use the latter even when polaroids are digitals. The language and atmosphere are almost as important as the process and even the final product. You've got a girl, she does the job but the good agencies can build the legend around. Using the roids to fill the voids. Dominika was a dream, she's now a 5'9"5 (177) dream come true. Iconic is making it real and we see a wonderful opportunity to meet with one of our... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Nicole

    Nicole Poturalski @ Iconic (Berlin) Nicole is the precious newbie at Iconic and already... an iconic young lady. She took an unexpected start during Berlin fashion week last January and proved once again the abilty of her agency to launch a new face out of the blue. Out of the beaten tracks and direct to stardom, "from her career dreams to her dream career" as mentioned by german publication Der Spiegel. But Nicole is far more than just words, numbers or facts. Nicole is also a mesmerizing face that captures... [Lire la suite]
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Mad about Madisyn

          Madisyn Ritland @ Silent (Paris), Iconic (Berlin) Her new editorial in Jalouse came out while she's walking on Milan runways which most remarkable could be Burberry Prorsum or Alberta Ferretti so far. Word is that she's got the alternative cover as well but we haven't been able to find any copy in town. Well, at least we're more than happy with her story inside, brilliantly captured by photographer Ami Sioux. View more here and now.
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Ricardo Tisci’s S/S 09 secret : a muse and musician

  Janine Henkes @ Iconic (Berlin) Who’s that girl ? The one without a name, the mysterious face at Givenchy, look #34. Janine. She’s a 19-years-old girl from Berlin and already a huge favorite of ours. Personally picked by the designer which means a lot and as exclusive as a girl can be in Paris. If all our featured models this week are pretty unique and carefully selected, Janine has a little extra in her profile. She’s also a soft-rock singer. We’ll never forget the tune of this season’s Givenchy and, for sure, won’t... [Lire la suite]
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