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Coming into Blossom

After a turbulent week, especially last friday leaving us with a kind of flu and a lot of blue, we're glad to renew with quiet times and a sounder way of life. Saw the trees in bloom, light pink tiny flowers, petals in the wind, and our fever stopping reigning supreme – almost wanted to cry when we saw spring fighting against this slightly colder morning (tears of a sudden joy). And while we're digressing gently with these botanical stories, why not start today with another flower, also blossoming and for the very best. Imaan... [Lire la suite]
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Warm Sweat Journal

One of the very best surprises of the week, from the cover to the so-far-discovered contents. For the record, the covergirl is Charlize Theron by Josh Olins and is worth a look, almost deserved a feature here if we had to see more of the main editorial – reminding us she is still the performer we love, as she was in Monster, the movie we still play some days at night (yeah, pun). Enough with Charlize and Josh, let's focus on Imaan (Hammam) and/by Daniel (Jackson), an editorial story (for WSJ) called Spring Fashion's New... [Lire la suite]
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Pigeons are so heavily sexy

On the backseat of a camper van, laid a woman with vanished charms, and her lover with his neverending smile, neverending glasses, neverending behinds and betweens. I was waiting for a knock, waiting for a sign. All I've been able to witness was a merry comedy, with a bit of tear in every single eye. Grown-up gowns are a fantasy of poor-souled people, ruffles are dancing with the wind of theirs. And us, standing stones in that storms. We watched and couldn't get our mouthes closed, couldn't keep our teeth silent anymore. White cries... [Lire la suite]
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Fried eggs despise classless fools

We should be catchers in a rye, should be a lot more things, should embody a tad more characters, we shall live and float like grilled penguins on hot water, roar like mischievous tigers when another voice yells louder than ours. But we're quiet as nuns under the sunshower, stuck between red bricks and flawless freedom, enjoying the last kisses of a dying summer stuttering its last words in a light blue whisper. The wind is friendly, the leaves are happy and our silly planet keeps its pace to make us dumber than yesterday. Imaan... [Lire la suite]
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