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This Ain't No Technological Breakdown, This Is The Road [...]

  Pauline @ Marilyn (NY) It was quite a hard task to find an editorial topic for the end of this week. Not that the materials were lacking, many things to put our eys on (then off) but was never easy to pick some visuals that go hand in hand with our current inspirations or states of mind. So, had to check and double-check, take ideas where we found them and adapt them to the current editorial pages we found interesting enough to show right now. And it's definitely the last part of the sentence that make sense. Everything (or... [Lire la suite]

Meet Iris !

Iris @ 77 Models (The Netherlands) Delicate yet strong features often mean much intensity in poses and expressions. At least that well-known formula works perfectly for Iris, one of the newest girls to join 77 Models in the Netherlands. Her deep green eyes gave her this endless gaze that caught our eyes on her first tests, her dreamy look and subtle body language allow us to raise our hopes slightly higher again. With a height of 5'11 (180) and great proportions, Iris shouldn't take too long to make her first steps abroad, as soon as... [Lire la suite]
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