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Easy Additions

      Iris Van Berne @ CODE Management (The Netherlands) With Easy Addition written in red fonts on the first page of her Harper's Bazaar story, we had a fantastic or at least suitable title ready-made for our entry as the recent works of Iris Van Berne from Tokyo are indeed easy additions to her portfolio. Easy for their classical style and highlighting the best of Iris -- classy and quite classic herself; additions as she worked a lot during her trip increasing both quality and number in a pretty smart way. We're not... [Lire la suite]
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Iris van Berne @ CODE (The Netherlands), Next (NY, Paris, Milan, London) Craziness, coolness and... class. Third concept for tonight and last post of the day. Beautiful way to end it and run across (or against?) the cold wind to rush back home. Conceptual evening. Class is a bit like craziness and coolness, easy to say yet harder to describe. But even harder to ignore when you're turning around fashion. How to embody class ? Who does really look classy ? We'll try our best to answer. Trying hard in a... [Lire la suite]
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Iris, blossoming

Iris Van Berne @ CODE Model Management (The Netherlands) So neat, so Next ? Perhaps. We love how Iris is currently rebuilding the concept of classic-beauty-with-a-twist using her close-to-classic features in the most unusual way. Might be the real future of fashion. Using some well-known ingredients within a different, innovative formula. That's what Iris does when she has to stike a pose. Intensity, emotions, class. Not easy to find on the same picture, not often what you expect from the same girl. And she does it, so naturally. We... [Lire la suite]
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We love love (and we love Iris' look)

        Iris Van Berne @ CODE (The Netherlands) She's fresh. That's the first thing we thought. Well, this is not scoop and it's not the most original way to describe her as most of the girls featured here are actually fresh. So, she's fresher if not the freshest. She's the latest stunner out of CODE Management, house of Nimue Smit. Sounds better like that ? Probably. But that's not the end and even the end may have no end with Iris. Signed with Next worldwide and already making her first steps with them... [Lire la suite]
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