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Get and Do Not Forget

        Isabelle Sauer @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Hello! Do not think we've been sleeping again even if FDIB looked a bit asleep for the last ten days. But that was July, we're in August already. Changing minds, changing moods, taking time to make this right. And looking forward to feeling new thrills come September. Basic story yet we didn't experience it in a basic way, well that's for later and let's just focus on our first girl of August: Ms. Isabelle Sauer from Modelwerk, Germany. That's already a long story... [Lire la suite]
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Just Dance

Isabelle Sauer @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Select (London) Isabelle the highlight of the day on Modelwerk's blog and our most recent Lexposed Face on, she's the girl we've already met twice and we hope to meet again. She's a stunner from A to Z, from zero to the extreme top and she's a the top of her game right now. The polas arrived this morning at her mother agency Modelwerk and everybody stopped talking when they saw them. Then a huge wave of excitements and nothing's better than a huge wave when the weather is getting... [Lire la suite]
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